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Replaces most non-encounter NCPs from the Vanilla game with female versions.

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This mod makes most vanilla NPCs female; specifically city and hold guards, Stormcloak rebels, bandits, forsworn, and wizards.

Does not affect briar hearts (as they have no female counterpart), vampire bosses, and encounter NPCs that draw from specific male-only level lists.

This mod is purely cosmetic, as there are no actual stat differences between male and female NPCs.

Note that unless you start a new game, it might take some time for you to see the effects of this mod, but any city, cave or lair that is loaded for the first time should be affected.

As a matter of interest, if that's more your speed, Sekoia has provided a mod with the opposite effect: "Masculinized Level Lists"


Update: Version 1.1 adds ESPs that feminize Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

These files are included in the main download, and as such, will need to be disabled if installing with the Nexus Mod Manager if you don't have the DLCs enabled.

DLC1FFL.esp is for Dawnguard; DLC2FFL.esp is for Dragonborn.