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7 New Unique and Independant Companion - Dawnguard required

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  • Turkish
This adds 7 ique Falmer/SnowElf Companions - not the goblin types, the Dawnguard ones.

These guys are all unique with each a bit of a backstory that tries to be as lore friendly as possible.

They sadly can only equip Snow Elf armor found with Dawnguard and no other armor, vanilla or custom unless somebody individually selects and enables all Armor ingame and elsewhere be seen for Falmer...

You can hire all mercs at the same time, they don't add to the normal follower count.
Once hired, they will follow you and help in battle. You can give the following orders:

•Wait at the current position
•Wait at the targeted location
•Follow (if waiting)
•Attack an enemy target
•Trade (optional sharing script available)
•Set home base to current location (works for each merc individually)
•Dismiss to the previously marked home
•Push (useful in narrow spaces)

The Guild can be found South west of Dawnstar, look for the map-marker.