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Adds a variety of lore-friendly resources to Skyrim, tailored specifically for Ranger-type characters.

Permissions and credits
Nernie's Ranger Pack - v1.08

The Ranger Pack was included in a Skyrim Mods video! Many thanks.

I've added a "loose files" version of the mod, as an alternative download. Choose either the regular version, or the loose version.

If you'd prefer to have only the armor from this mod, not the rest of the content, see my Armor Pack:


Version 1.08 - September 17 2012
-added a backup script for the house-buying system.
-replaced the troublesome Ranger's Gauntlets with an entirely new mesh.

Version 1.07 - August 27 2012
-altered the quiver meshes back to standard alignment. These will now hover further away from the armor, and clip more with the bows (like the quivers in the vanilla game), but the arrows will now no longer clip through the player's hand when drawn.

Version 1.06 - August 25 2012
-removed the transparency from the ranger's gauntlets for the female version, to stabalize them for players who were experiencing issues. Now the handguard is visible.

Version 1.05 - August 22 2012
-removed the Ranger Base from the Falkreath Inn, and moved it to a building just outside the main gate of Falkreath. Also, added new ranger banners and a Ranger's Guild sign. All edits from the Dead Man's Drink Tavern have been cleaned.
-made all player beds player-owned, so you should now get the "Well Rested" effect from sleeping in them.

Version 1.01 - August 20 2012
-fixed issues with Ranger boots and gauntlets

Version 1 - August 20 2012
-fixed missing mesh for halfgloves
-tidied up the .bsa

Version 0.95 - August 19 2012
--fixed bsa name, so meshes and textures should now load properly
-fixed minor texture bug in the female Ranger's Gauntlets.


This mod aims to add a wide array of lore-friendly resources to Skyrim tailored specifically for Ranger-type characters.

Current version adds:
-New Ranger equipment, including three sets of gambeson-style armor, two tunics, various cowls and hoods, two new swords and two new daggers, five new bows and three new arrow types (various levels - weapons and ammo can be crafted and improved, and armor can be improved).

-Two purchasable cabins, one in the Pale (deed can be bought from Hadring at the Nightgate Inn), and the second at Clearspring Tarn (deed can be bought from Lynly at Villemyr Inn in Ivarstead).

-A Ranger Faction, in a building just outside of Falkreath. The faction is joinable by adding your name to the enrollment lists (activate the ledger near the big map), which gives you access to a small bed in the basement quarters (all chests and drawers and backpacks in the same room are safe for storage), as well as guild equipment.

-A small dungeon addition - the location of which is hinted at in a new book, The Spriggan's Knight, which can be found in the Ranger base, and in leveled lists.
-Vanilla stores The Drunken Huntsman and Solitude Fletcher updated to carry new gear (and minor cosmetic updates to their interiors as well).

-Various miscellaneous items with new models and textures, including two kinds of craftable soap, wooden rings, wood for bows, and craftable fletching for arrows (only this mod's arrows - vanilla arrows are unaltered).

Short/Mid-term updates will likely include:
-war axes

Long-term updates might include:
-quests, new dungeons, more depth of content


Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, missing meshes or textures, etc. - thanks!

A note about player housing: you must open the purchased deed in your inventory, at which point a key will be added, and the value of the deed will be set to 0.

Bugs and Issues:
-Many people have reported a crash to desktop upon equipping the Ranger's Gauntlets. It may be related to people using custom skeletons, but I'm not certain. I'll come up with an alternative soon, and thanks for bearing with me.

Installation - unpack files into Data folder, or download with mod manager.


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