Glowing Crossbow Bolts by USSVagrant
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Added: 18/08/2012 - 06:41AM
Updated: 19/08/2012 - 07:43AM

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Last updated at 7:43, 19 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 6:41, 18 Aug 2012

This makes crossbow bolts glow with an orange aura, or glow bright purple (the bolt itself). Install should be as simple as extracting the zip to your skyrim/data folder. It should go without saying that this mod requires Dawnguard.

Dawnguard has only two sets of animations for crossbow projectiles -- steel bolts and dwarven bolts. This effects both. Mods that add new bolts will have their own projectile files -- If this mod proves popular enough, I'll add support as I can.

I made this mod primarily because I loved the glowing arrows mod, but wanted my crossbow bolts to also glow. While this effect isn't *quite* the same, I'm still satisfied with the results and wanted to share this mod with others. The mod helps quickly identify bolts that have been fired and also allows you to track the flight trajectory of the bolt for a fair distance.

If this mod is popular enough, I may consider changing the glow to different colors.

Huge credit to Jerry60k for inspiration and files from his "Glowing Arrows v2" found here:

Update Log:
V1 -- Initial Version (Purple glowing bolts)
V2 -- Glowing Aura Bolts (Blue and Orange)
V3 -- Added Dwarven bolts (were apparently separate. Whoops!).

Dragonbone arrows from dawnguard have also been added!