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If you had my previous werewolf overhaul mod:

1. Enter in game and open console: Type StopQuest WerewolfStatsQuest
2. Type in console help WerewolfHumanDetectLifeSpell and then with the provided ID type player.removespell "ID" and press enter.
3. Save the game and exit.
4. Disable DBRWO.esp (OLD mod version) and relaunch the game, save again to make clean save and exit.
5. Extract Data folder to Skyrim folder, eneble the esp and play.

For new users
1. Extract contents of the archive to the Skyrim installation folder.
2. Eneble the esp in the launcher.
3. Play!

If you dont have any new perks, just type in console:

set dlc1werewolfperkpoints to "number of this mod added perks"

The vanilla perks should be present.

So in the case if you do not have ANY perks type in console:

set dlc1werewolfperkpoints to 21


If you have all vanilla perks type in console:

set dlc1werewolfperkpoints to 10

Since my mod adds 10 additional perks.

If you have problems with "Werewolf Blood added" in the game as its spamming all the time, you didnt follow the uninstallation procedure!
To fix this you need to type:

StopQuest WerewolfStatsQuest in console and press enter, save the game and exit.

Go in the NMM and uninstall old mod that youve used ( Dawnguard - Bloodmoon Rising Werewolf Overhaul )

Go in the game load your save, and then make a new save ( CLEAN SAVE, no Quick Save! Or it will screw your game! )

Install the new esp:

Folder structure:

BloodmoonRising.esp, Scripts\PlayerSleepQuest.pex and WerewolfStatsQuest.pex.

Eneble the esp and play!

If youre still have the issues with the spamming "Werewolf Blood added" cure yourself from Lycanthropy.
Best to use Tales Of Lycanthropy with in game config (ancient silver ring)
Wait 1 in game hour and wait a few seconds to see if the spamming is stopped.
If the spamming is stopped, Infect yourself again through the in game menu.
If the quest is properly working you should see (1 time):
Detect Life added
Werewolf Blood added

And that's it the mod is working properly!

This mod is NOT compatible with the mods that change PlayerSleepQuest, Werewolf Perk Tree, Werewolf stats...