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  • Upcoming changes in 3.0 release

    Changes expected in 3.0 release:

    Werewolf Elder:
    With feeding requirements to getting the perk you'll need to have at least minimum of 30 Days as a werewolf to get the perk, also ill merge Werewolf Sprint perk in this.

    Fixing bugs:
    Rework the entire esp, and delete dirty edits if any...

    New Perks:


    In the werewolf form, your saliva and claws causes deadly disease.
    It deals tremendous poison damage over 10 seconds, it has 5 % chance to poison target, also it can "jump" to another target if its close to initial one and so on.
    50 Poison damage over 10 seconds = 500 total damage.

    Feral Rage:

    With each hit the beast within you becomes more heartier and you ...