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Make Windhelm Beautiful!

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Make Windhelm Beautiful!

The forth city, of Towns and Villages Enhanced, this time, Windhelm!


Adds over 1000 items to the city, including:

. Snowy Trees (New Shrubs and trees, all thanks to Ga-Knomboe\'s mod, GKB Trees.)
. Snowy Shrubs
. Alchemist Plants
. Tundra Scrub
. Light sources (Lanterns, candles, torches - Fixed Multiple Light sources)
. Clutter (Tables, Weapons, Lore Friendly Armour etc)
. Containers
. Seating
. Subtle effects
. Snow Drifts and Icicles

Experience a new, super detailed city, with various improvements that enhance your immersion!



Q: There\'s too many trees! These mods are so un-realistic! Why are you ruining my towns?!
A: The aim of these mods is to alter a towns look and feel, away from it\'s vanilla state. They add
more colour, more life etc. If your a person who would rather play true to lore and geography, don\'t
download the mods.

Q: I get a CTD with this mod enabled!?
A: All of my mods do not change any existing references in-game, it is unlikely they are the cause of a CTD.
Try placing the \"TAVE??.esp\" higher in your \"Load Order\" by using the arrows.
Also try using the Load order optimiser program - Boss -

Q: I don\'t see the Enhancement?
A: Check that \"TAVE??.esp\" is ticked in your load order, or re-subscribe.

Q: NPC\'s are walking into stuff?
A: Due to the current state of the Creation Kit\'s Nav mesh, I cannot directly edit it without making the mod
some what unstable, please send a pic of the item NPC\'s are colliding with and I\'ll move/remove it ASAP.

Q: Are you going to do....?
A: I hope that I\'ll eventually have every Town and Village Enhanced!

Q: Why is your mod giving me FPS drops?
A: Due to the number of items TAVE adds to cities, you will see a significant drop in FPS. I recommend
at least a GTX560/AMD 6870 + 4gb Ram + Quad Core CPU.


For the screenshots I\'m using the Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB.


Please Subscribe, rate and comment! :D All suggestions are welcome!


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