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Added: 17/08/2012 - 07:58PM
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Last updated at 19:44, 11 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 19:58, 17 Aug 2012

PLEASE NOTE- As of March 2013 I am discontinuing this mod. It will instead be replaced by a new mod which is available here:

This mod adds Giant creatures to many locations in Skyrim. As well as being larger than their normal counterparts, the Behemoths are also a lot tougher making them good opponents for players looking for a challenge. In V1.1 the Dragon Behemoths are added. These present a real challenge as they are larger and stronger than normal dragons (you will know a Dragon Behemoth when you see one) and the biggest challenge of all is finding and killing the Dragon Behemoth Lord (you will definitely know when you see him)

Behemoths are found in many locations across Skyrim, a good place to look is outside cities although there is no guarantee that one will definitely be there as some behemoths wander around skyrim and as such can be encountered randomly.
Behemoths are found in some dungeons and wilderness locations (such as Blackreach).

I should probably make this clear. This mod does NOT affect normal/vanilla creatures encountered in normal circumstance in the wilderness/dungeons etc. Behemoths are unique, respawning (in most cases) creatures with new ID's, names and stats.

In V1 most cities have a Behemoth, in V1.1 the Behemoths have been removed from the cities.

The size change in the Behemoths ranges from twice normal size to ten times normal size in some cases.
Not all Behemoths are immediately hostile and some are even friendly. Most of the Behemoths are respawning so you can come back to challenge them again. Bear in mind this mod is just a bit of fun and is not to be taken too seriously.

As featured in elvir89088's Skyrim mods weekly

Change log-
V1- Behemoths added to 7 cities 1 dungeon and 2 wilderness locations.
V1.1- Behemoths removed from cities, added 1 more dungeon Behemoth, 6 new wilderness behemoths and Dragon Behemoths.
Incompatability- None that I'm aware of although mods that change vanilla creatures may cause problems