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Retextures the Dark Brotherhood\'s shrouded armour and changes its cowl\'s appearance. Most recent version includes narrower-waisted male.

Permissions and credits

Made using texture resources from, a free and convenient repository of open license images.

by doomfunk of Deadly Serious Games

A complete native-resolution retexture of the Dark Brotherhood's shrouded armour. Also available in HD.

TO THOSE REQUESTING DARKER TEXTURES: They're there! Check under optional files, they come in three flavours (currently).
NOTE all alternate colours are currently only available in vanilla resolution.

Warm and Dark has an overt reddish influence, and is the least dark of the three, but overall still much darker than the core textures.
Midnight Blues is nearly black, but with strong elements of blue and green. All brownish elements are still there, simply VERY dark brown.
Darkness of Sithis is pretty much entirely black.
All three dark texture packs retain the normal maps from the core textures, and as such no detail is really lost! Additionally, all three preserve all elements of crimson present in the original bundle; the black hand logo and the red palmprints on the gloves, for example. Between the specularity and normals, all apparent physicality will still be present.

If you prefer your assassins to truly skulk in the darkness - go nuts!

This is a project completed in four stages:
Stage 1 - v1 - complete retexture of the male outfit, replacement mesh for all versions of the shrouded cowl. *COMPLETE*
Stage 2 - v2 - complete retexture of the female outfit. *COMPLETE*
Stage 2.5 - v2.5 - new male mesh, HD retextures for male and female armours.
Stage 3 - v3 - new mesh, complete overhaul of the Ancient Shrouded armour.
Stage 4 - v4 - I guess I'll do the robes eventually. :L


---unzip everything into your skyrim install directory.
This defaults to your steam/steamapps/common/skyrim folder.
If you don't know where you installed Steam to, chances are it's on your C drive.
That'd make it C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
I mean, if this is your first installed mod, you might not know that sort of thing.

I don't know what you know, for all I know you're like eighteen months old slapping at a laptop keyboard. You could be anyone!

Let me know why! Leave me a comment here on the nexus as to *what*, specifically, turns you off about my retexture. Maybe you liked the red pyjamas? I mean, if that's your cup of tea, go hog wild!

Endorse it! Not enough people do, largely due to the requisite elapsed time for an endorsement. It adds an element of memory and effort that many users simply do not commit to. And I can understand that - I'm not blaming you, and you know who you are. I used to be the same way and, sometimes, to my great shame, I still am.
I'm told if you use the download manager it'll give you reminders. That sounds super-great to me!
Also submit pictures of your character wearing my retexture! I love seeing stuff like this!
(COMMENTS, IF YOU ENJOY THE MOD, ARE LARGELY UNNECESSARY BUT APPRECIATED; I'LL ASSUME IF I HAVE ZERO COMMENTS YOU GUYS ARE FEELING PRETTY GOOD ABOUT ALL THIS. But hey, if you really love the mod and I somehow made your day, week, month, year, or decade, let me know!)

**Do not repost, rehost, remix, or include this work in another mod without permission.**
Do not be afraid to ask! Seriously. Feel free!

delete "dbarmor" from both the /meshes/ and /textures/ directories within your skyrim data folder. There's no .esp or anything, it's just a straight swap.
Deleting these files will roll everything back to reading from the vanilla .bsa files, so don't worry! It'll all be red again.

Mod history:

release v1, Dec 1 2011. Male textures, hood mesh replacement.
release v2, Dec 4 2011. Female textures, several alternate-tone versions now available!
release v2.5, Jul 28 2012. Hi, I'm not dead! HD textures, trimmer male mesh.
release v2.6, Jul 28 2012. Holy cow how do you upload older work files for your release? Bad doomfunk, BAD! (fixed wrong file issue)