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Added: 17/08/2012 - 05:21PM
Updated: 20/05/2015 - 10:38PM

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This mod will make a few spells toggle-able (cast to turn them on/off) but will apply a debuff while they are active.
The spells will manage themselves, so if you run out of magicka the buff will be temporarily disabled but automatically reactivated when you have enough magicka again.
Additionally you will recieve experience whenever you lose magicka to maintain the spells.

Skyrim Script Extender and SkyUI will be required for this mod.

To enable the mod open the Mod Configuration Menu and check the toggles of the spells you want to sustain.


No Debuff.
The light effect isn't really worth to have a debuff and the fact that enemies can see you easier from farther is already a debuff in its own.

Fire/Frost/Lightning Cloak
You will lose 1 magicka per second for every enemy in range.
Also all cloak spells now scale with "Destruction spells are x% stronger" effects.

Ancestor's Wrath
Has been made a lesser power (multiple uses per day).
Other than that it works just like a Fire Cloak but 20% stronger.

Each time you are hit by a physical attack you will lose magicka depending on the spell you cast.
Also Stoneflesh, Ironflesh and Ebonyflesh have an increased armor rating.

Every five seconds you are sneaking you will lose 50 magicka.
Muffle has been nerfed a bit, now it provides only 50% noise reduction instead of 100%

(new in v2.0)
Prepared Healing
You can now prepare the Healing spell (via MCM) to be automatically cast on yourself when you fall below a certain health threshold and while you have a certain amoount of magicka left.


Version 2.0 should be fully compatible with any other mod, however any changes to Spells will be ignored on their sustained/prepared versions.

To Do

Add some more spells (Detect Life, Waterbreathing).