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CM Half Elf

Adds Half Elf as a playable race with ten new character presets for each
gender. Half Elves are half Elven, half Human, can use bows and swords with
equal skill, and have 25% natural resistances to poisons, disease, and
magic. While Half Elves retain the stealth and magic abilities of their
Elven ancestors, they also gain Human strength and fighting abilities to
become a more balanced race.

Requires the Racial
Capatibility Mod to be installed prior to CM Half Elf to work. Install
as directed.

Racial bonuses:

Archery - 5
One handed - 5
Light Armor - 5
Stealth - 5
Alchemy - 5
Illusion - 5
Restoration - 5

Total = 35 (same as default races)

Two Half Elf Female Companions have been posted for download under Optional
Files if wanted, but the CMHalfElf.esp included will require CMHalfElf.esm
to be activated to work.

Half Elf Companions Guide

1. Jazsi - Half Elf Ranger , Falkreath Inn
2. Jaylee - Half Elf Warrior 1H, Falkreath Inn

Recommended Mods

Compatible with CM Half Elf and for a better companion experience:

- - CM New Companions
- - CM Beautiful Companions
- Ask Follower Skills
- - Mounted Followers
- - Multiple Followers
- Body, Face, Hair, and Eye mods of your choice

Compatibility with Companion Overhaul Mods

Compatible with other companion overhaul mods but only one of them at a
time. Follow overhaul mod compatibility instructions.

- Big Dialogue Overhaul
- Ultimate Follower Overhaul
- Better Followers
- Amazing Follower Tweaks
- Extensible Follower Framework

For Better RPG:

-\" - Live Another Life
- Portable camping gear mod of your choice.

Installation Requirements:

Official Skyrim patch 1.6 or greater required.
Download and install the new version by one of the following methods.

Installation - Nexus Mod Manager

Use the \"Download with Manager\" button on the CM Half Elf page at Skyrim
Nexus and activate after download.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN

Drop the files into your Skyrim Mods\\Bash Installers folder, and then

Installation - Manual

Drop the CMHalfElf.esm and esp (if you want the companions), script folders,
and graphics folders into your Data folder and overwrite any existing files.

Activate the mod using a mod manager prior to playing Skyrim. The optional
CMHalfElf.esp file contains the locations in the game world of all
companions and must be activated in order to find the companions in game.


If you used a mod management program, use it to uninstall. Otherwise delete
CMHalfElf.esm and esp and graphics facegen data files from the Data folder.

Load Order

Load order will not make any difference.

Incompatible Mods

Should not conflict with any other race mod. Any mods that alter the
Bethesda default companion dialogue and scripting may affect CM Half Elf
Companions depending on what has been changed.

Known Issues


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you be adding more other races? Possibly.
2. Will you be adding more companions in later revisions? Possibly.
3. Will you upload this mod to Steam Workshop? No, not under any
circumstances. Their mod system exercises too much control.
4. May I use CMHalfElf.esm as a master file to create new companions in my
own esp? Yes. If you do and want to upload them for others to use, please
do not include a copy of CM Half Elf files in your mod, and do not simply
revise the CM Half Elf mod and upload it packaged with your mod. Instead
inform them that they will need to download and install CM Half Elf for your
mod to work.

======= - Bethesda
Creation Kit Forum discussions on creating companions and the face tint
bug work around. - The Creation Kit
Wiki Tutorials

The Creation Kit - Steam download listed under Tools.

Licensing and Legal

The CM Half Elf Mod was created by Cutthroat Mods and is furnished as is
without promises or guarantees to be bug free or conflict free. The mod
uses the default companion system and any bugs inherent to the game or
caused by other mods that alter the default companion system are not the
responsibility of Cutthroat Mods.

Do not upload this mod to any website without permission from Cutthroat
Mods. Translations into other languages are permitted provided this Readme
is included as is in English along with any translated versions. Translated
files can be uploaded to any website except Steam Workshop. Permissions to
do translations are not required. If you have any questions or concerns
please send email to [email protected]

Revision History

Version 1.1 - Corrected scripting error so that Apachii hair now works correctly.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.