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The staff of magnus... Was... weak. But this mod makes the staff usable forever! And optional files where the staff has diferent damage outputs and weight!


*If you want a specific Stat setup for the staff, Damage/Weight mod that i dont have up. Feel free to PM me. These take litiraly 10 seconds to make. (Maybe more, takes about 20 seconds for creation kit to start...)
*meaningless 1st star again
**I will not change the staff to absorb. I have changed th etext ingame to show this!
***Future Update: Might make the staff do a set amount of damage even when draining magicka
****Yes im just trying to cover the page with *'s now...
*****dont judge me!
******6 stars bwahaha
*******You may edit this all you want.
********No there is not readme.txt
*********Will conflict with any mod which changes the staff of magnus's stats
**********Will not conflict with mods that change the staff of magnus's texture
***********Highly reccomended texture
************Thats alot of stars.
*************Ill add 5 more rows of stars every update for no real reason.
**************Change whatever you want! Its a simple mod just a few number changes
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