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Adds SUPPER LORE Freindly Civilain Camps to Skyrim!

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ENDORSE it would help me allot!

P.S. Ill Also Give you invisible Money if you do
- Kalzim7878 2012

1000 DOWNLOADS! Thanks guys

Added a new standalone pack battlefields it basicly adds places that have seen the face of battle.

I would just like to say thanks for the endorsments it realy encourages me to do more :)

I Would also like to say i am not a modder in any way i just thought skyrim could use some sprucing up so i learned the basics

i know it says 1.4 as the latest not 1.6 i screwd up when writing the description and stuff on the file( i was young and foolish). but in reality it is the latest so just ignore it thanks

Optional Files!

-MAIN Whiterun refugee camp. i made this mod Optional for possible combatiblity reasons and will do so for other city/town camps. Enjoy

-BATTLEFIELDS add a number of places actuly look like they have seen war i recomend using warzones with this it just makes it seem like skyrim is in a bloody revaloution.

NEW! 1.4 update

Adds several new camps around the vast reigon with the part two file. once again i will not tell you where they are Enjoy :)

I always dident like how the only camps in the wild were eaither enemy or faction based. but I added similer camps that belong to normal folk.


-Adds Many Camps Throgh Out Skyrim. Soon To Be More.
-They take care of your basic needs mostly


I Am not going to say it kinda defeats the perpose you know. the point is to find them when your exploring.


More Camps And a full file with every thing in it but i dont know how to merge Esps so if you do please let me know it would help me a hole lot Thanks


Now i dont care if you do anything with this mod so go nuts if youd like


just drop the file in the data folder in the skyrim dir


Sory for the many esps i will try to work on a full file soon. my aim was to give the user some flexibility.