Kian Drem Wood Elf Companion a Cosnach Follower Overhaul by CeaseSphire
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I was disappointed in discovering you cannot have a marriageable companion Wood Elf so I took my least favorite follower in the game and gave him a complete overhaul. Just give him a bottle of any beverage in your inventory and he is all yours!

His scale is 1.08 (default for wood elf is 1.00) so he’s a little taller than most other wood elves. See photo above on how he looks next to a female wood elf. Among the photos is a list of his spells, perks ect.

Please note there are a few issues from changing the voice. I hated the drunken voice of Cosnach so for Kian I went with even tone male accented. (Same voice used for Farengar Secret-Fire and Vorstag.) Kian will also have a dialogue option that will challenge you to brawl now and then but when you turn him down at least you don't have to hear him call you a, “milk drinker.” Also he doesn’t offer dialogue for when you first meet him and asks for a drink or accepting the drink. All other dialogue options however work for him.

Recommended Mods:
Better males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
(They didn’t have facial texture and mesh files for wood elves so I took the files they used for the high elves and placed them also into the wood elves folder.)

Skyrim NPC Editor by foretrenty
(Try this out if you want to tweak this mod for your personal use by changing his spells, perks, voice ect…)

Installation: Use the Manager or place both files in your Data folder
(example pathway: Program Files (x86) >Steam > SteamApps > common > skyrim > Data)

Please post problems and suggestions :)
And if you like him please endorse (It really makes my day and motivates me to work on more mods.)