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This mod changes the dawngaurd reaction to players who have completed Auriel\'s Bow quest, so that they don\'t turn away infected players from completing Dawnguard quests. If a player hasn\'t completed Auriel\'s Bow, the dawnguard will react to an infected player as they normally would. Also included is the Blood Potion Recipe mod I made earlier.

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Ever felt the desire to act out the story of Blade, or Vampire Hunter D, or any of the other various stories of vampires fighting against others of their kind to restore balance to nature?
Well, now in Tamriel, with this mod, you can continue your fight against the vampires even if you have been infected yourself!

The Dawnguard WILL NOT TRUST ANY VAMPIRE WHO HASN'T DONE THEM GREAT SERVICE Therefore, you MUST COMPLETE THE ACQUISITION OF AURIEL'S BOW FOR THE DAWNGUARD, before the Dawnguard will trust you as a vampire. If you haven't completed this part of the main quest, the dawnguard companions will react to you normally, insisting that you be cured before they have any dealings with you.

However, if you are infected after acquiring the bow, the Dawnguard will still accept you as one of their members, though from time to time will comment on your vampiric nature as any citizen might.

This mod also includes the Blood Potion Recipe Mod I made earlier, so it supercedes that mod.