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Maybe. Permission of translation and Custom from many is coming.I do not know the correct translation.
ok. not need my Permission.
I tell you uploaded to the NEXUS. I want to see.
Put mahty to Credits
if possible make?an original file is required.
If you want to use If the bullet mesh.You want Contact to guilmonex.
good luck.

translated into better english. Thanks.
I do not understand English.
This description has been written by DuhDuh

This mod adds two Dwarven Rifles to the game.
The newest model features a bayonet!

Dawnguard IS required.

The 4 rifle is now fully craftable - requires Arcane Blacksmith.
4 rifle Steel category Requires Arcane Blacksmith perk.
4 bullet dwarven category.


pascaliedema has made a custom sound to go with this Dwarven Rifle. Thanks.
guilmonex has made a custom to Dwarven Rifle. Thanks.
Zaczac1234 has made a Translation more proper english. Thanks.

mahty made this mod.
I'm using the bullet?Custom Mesh that is provided by guilmonex.
dwarvenrifleM?Automatic mechanism is using j3x .
You may include this in your own mods, but make sure my name mahty is included in the credits.
When using a bullet,?want Contact to guilmonex.

Improved First person view.
Can not succeed in transforming the meshes of the crossbow.
Was to adjust the length of the barrel First person view.

Animation Speed increased.
Made craftable
Steel category
Requires Arcane Blacksmith perk

Added DawnguardrifleB with bayonet.
Added an Attack Sound.
Added craftable bullets, found under the dwarven category.

fix The range of the bullet.60 000 mistake.Right 6000.It is easier to hit.
rifleB Set animations speed 1.3
Add 2 rifle.
rifleA.Attack power is 40. Set animations speed 0.6. jp anime bayonet type.
rifleS.Attack power is 17. Set animations speed 1.45. Short barrel and Spear type.

Standalone texture and metaled gun barrel


Automatic Crossbows?tipe.
j3x-autocrossbows.esp Required.
The CK does not operate. It made forcibly.

It had made a mistake in one.
It corrected.