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SK-TamrielWordspaceModdersMaps by Worm
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Added: 01/12/2011 - 07:28PM
Updated: 07/01/2012 - 09:32AM

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Last updated at 9:32, 7 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 19:28, 1 Dec 2011

SK-Tamriel World Space Modder's Maps v1.1

Modding Aids and Resources for Map Makers

1.2 - This is an updated version of the original 15kx10k cell grid map with all fast travel markers and 2x Coordinates for readability at 50% zoom.
1.1 - In game cell grid map. This will allow you to pinpoint what cell you are currently in as well as the cell coordinates of a given map marker.
1.0 - This a 15kx10k cell grid map(100x cells) using a composite of the Tamriel terrain textures(4x4LOD) that has been increased in size by 36%.

What these maps and the image layer element resources can be used for:

Returning a current cell coordinate in game(No other known way as of yet)
Mod claim staking
Mod location scouting
Known mod, cells altered cataloging
Map making ( interactive, in game, custom world space cell grid, etc..)

Acronyms and File naming convention:
{Game}-{Base Composite Image}-{Type}-{Data}-{Detail}-{Dimensions}-{Format}

TWS = Tamriel World Space This is Skyrim's main overland.

SK = Skyrim

{Base Composite Image}
TTC = Tamriel Terrain Composite This is made from the vanilla LOD textures(4x4)
LMC = Local Map Composite This is made from the local maps generated in the CK

CGM = Cell Grid Map This always includes coordinates in each cell, a 1px width grid which covers the left and bottom of each cell.
CGMwBR = Cell Grid Map w/Border Region Same as above with the vanilla playable area outlined accurately.(CK required)

FTM = Fast Travel Markers
RGN = Regions
SPR = Spawn Point References

1xZoom = Data readable viewing at 100% Data illegible below this zoom level.
2xZoom = Data readable viewing at 50% Data illegible below this zoom level.
4xZoom = Data readable viewing at 25% Data illegible below this zoom level.

15kx10k = 15,000 pixels width by 10,000 pixels height
20kx = 20,000 pixels width and height If nothing comes after the "x" assume width and height are the same.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics This is a loss-less image format which indexes pixels allowing enormous dimensions with a very small file size when most pixels are transparent.
PSD - PhotoShop Format This stores multiple layers(elements).

{Nexus File #}
2251 = SK-TamrielWordSpaceModdersMaps[/size]

Release: 1.2
This file contains a 15000x10000 cell grid map with the Tamriel terrain composite as a base image, 2x coordinates and fast travel markers.

Release: 1.1
These textures are based on High Quality 3D Map by Ethatron. For best results it is advised use these as a texture re-placer for HQ3D Map but it's not necessary.

The recommended Skyrim.ini settings to use with these textures are as follows:


Unpack the SK-TWS-CGM-InGame-2251.7z into the Data folder

Delete the following files;

Release: 1.0

This map uses a composite of the terrain LOD textures. The cells are originally 64x64px but are blown up to 100x100px to match the intended size of the Local map composite which will be 40% of original size at 100x per cell.

This image is designed to be viewed at 100-500% of resolution. Viewing below 100% will make the coordinates illegible. I will be releasing a version of the overview image(file images) with a readable set of coordinates.

I've decided to release the source files in individual elements(decreases size dramatically) as PNG files instead of PSD.

This containsthe 32px cell grid+ coordinates used in the ingame map texturesand covers 128x128(16,384) cells.

This contains the two color version of the cell grid + coordinates as seen in the ingame map.

This contains the composite image of Ethatron's textures from the High Quality 3D Map

This contains the 100px cell grid + coordinates and covers 200x200(40k) cells. The left and bottom of the grid lines sit on top of the cell.

This contains the terrain texture composite image. The original size of the texture composite was 188x188 cells but I have increased the size to 200x just in case the engine can handle this size world space.

Roadmap(Planned Development):
1.3 {requires CK} Cell grid maps(including in game) w/Local map composite as base. Also i will be defining and illustrating the border region as well as the holds regions.
1.4 {requires CK} Cell grid maps with spawn references listed

Beyond that will be determined by what information will be most useful for altering the main world space. I'm thinking of going a bit further than i ever have before and documenting most of the common reference data from the main world space. Here is a list of everything i can think of off the top of my head.

Nav Meshes
Crafting Stations
Resources(ore, plants, etc..)

You are free to use any of these files as you see fit and no modder need credit me for using them as an aid to do their own mods. However if you use any portion of these resources in your own releases please give me a credit.

Ethatron for letting me use his textures from High Quality 3D Map as a base for my cell grid.