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\"Gird yourself\".... with these HQ re-textured from scratch prettier shields. Primarily intended for First Person View.

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Accingite Vos
"Gird yourself".... with these HQ re-textured from scratch prettier shields.

This is primarily a First Person View mod. A shield takes up a third of your screen a huge percentage of time. This mod makes them easier on the eyes.

The comparison screenshots speak for themselves.
ALL of these textures were mostly handpainted with a wacom tablet while trying to maintain the original look as much as possible.
Assets were used from cgtextures or generated via Filter Forge.

Each shield took upwards of 5 hours of work. It was a great learning experience.

============ INSTALL INFO =================
To Install these re-textures: Unpack the .rar (specifically the /data folder) into your Skyrim directory.
To Uninstall just delete the files.

I've done all the shields (hopefully) other than Ysgramor (already done by kxperience) and Spellbreaker shield thats coming soon as an update..

Shield of Ysgramor:

Lower resolution/smaller pack a bit later, gimme some time.
Even if you have an old system I'd advise the high res pack as there is virtually no performance loss.

Enjoy this mod. -Alex aka. Cylone