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A bunch of +10 Unarmed gloves accessible from the start of the game in Helgen Keep and outside Embershard Mine

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For those who don't know what a Punchcat is, it's a Khajiit centered around unarmed combat. Khajiits are chosen due to them having a bonus to unarmed combat. Once the character is made one of the first things a player does is head all the way to the Ratway in Riften to kill Gian the Fist and take his Gloves of the Pugilist which have a unique +10 to unarmed enchantment on them.

This mod aims to make starting a Punchcat much easier by adding 4 pairs of these kinds of gauntlets to the world. A Stormcloak light armour pair and an Imperial heavy armour pair within Helgen Keep, accessible as soon as you can equip weapons in the first place. There is also another pair worn by two named bandits outside of Embershard Mine south of Riverwood, both light and heavy.

This gives the player some variety with these gauntlets and allows them to easily pick them up at the start of a game or during an existing one. That way you can get to punching earlier on.