Eyes textures for the dragon on the enchanting table by Murlocking
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Eyes textures for the Dragon on the enchanting table

-Version History-

1.10: Release 12/01/2011 - First update, individuals download for each eyes textures + 4 new eyes textures.
1.00: Release 12/01/2011 - First version

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After i reached 100 in enchanting i decided to give a new look to my enchanting table so i went here and searched for the best i could find. I found 3 files that looked like a nice upgrade and from there i started making eyes textures for the dragon head on the enchanting table. The idea behind this is to make eyes that look like real gemstones... and this is really hard since we're not allow to add glow to them (without SCK, also i don't know how to add a convex texture to eyes so if anyone could teach me or send me a link to a tutorial via PM.. i would greatly appreciate it)

I found this 3 interesting files and here they are:

Alchemy and enchanting tables retex by css0101

Improved Candles w different colors by Volek (OPTIONAL)

Arcane Enchanter - No wax on surface by Volek (OPTIONAL)


-How to Use-

1. First download and install css0101's Alchemy and enchanting tables retex .

2. Then download the pack or each files separately for my eyes texture.

3. Look at the screen shots to see which one you prefer.

4. Extract an eye texture to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data/Textures/Clutter. And press "yes" to replace.

5. Run Skyrim and enjoy!

6. Endorse css0101's work if you liked his tables retex mod, endorse Volek if you liked his candles mod (optional files) and endorse me if you liked my eyes textures.


-The List-

Eye with gem texture:
- Aquamarine gem eyes
- Black star sapphire eyes
- Magenta star ruby eyes
- Sapphire eyes
- Tourmaline eyes
- Ruby gems eyes

Misc eye texture:
- Blue eyes(same color as symbols)
- Cat eyes


This is my first time doing some retextures and i'm starting to feel more comfortable at it. So please take in mind that i'm not a professional and i'm only doing that cause i feel like i had to share this with you guys. I'm not looking for any fame.

Credit goes to css0101.
He gave me the permission to use his files and upload my project.

I would also like to thanks Volek for his awesome candles mod. Check it out and endorse him too if you liked his work.

And finally, thanks Bethesda for this nice game we can mod so easily! <3!