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exray catt

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Give your Imperial Legion an overhaul with newer-looking, higher res armor

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The goal of this mod was to redesign the Imperial Armors to look like they are newer and better cared for, and to provide them with high-res textures. I personally felt the vanilla Imperial Armor sets looked like they were Halloween costumes found in a garbage dumpster in Morthal. The Imperial Legion is the most well-funded and powerful entity in Tamriel, and they should have uniforms that reflect this.I retextured everything from scratch, using new normal and specular maps, and I added environment maps to the metallic portions of armor to give them a more realistic metal appearance. I designed these for my own use according to my own personal tastes, which of course may not be yours…

BTW If anyone wants the mesh fix for the male Imperial Studded Armor (I highly recommend this because it makes it look like it was supposed to in the first place, adding the metal plates to the skirt area), but you don't want to use my mod, then you can get the mesh here:

Studded Imperial Armor Fix

v1 - looks brand new basically with some wear on the metal pieces
v2 - slightly more worn though still fairly clean and new looking, in the images section, if it doesn't say "v2" then the pic is of version 1 - cleanest with the least wear

Granted the 2 versions may look very similar but in-game you will definitely see a difference

All cuirasses are 2K in resolution, everything else is 1K

Male and Female sets of:

Imperial Light Cuirass
Imperial Light Boots
Imperial Light Gauntlets
Imperial Light Gloves
Studded Imperial Armor
Imperial Armor (Heavy set)
Imperial Boots
Imperial Gauntlets
Imperial Helmet
Imperial Officer’s Helmet


1) Use NMM
2) Manual – drop the “data” folder into your Skyrim folder and merge if asked to do so.

1) Use NMM
2) Manual – delete the “Imperial” folder from data\meshes\armor and from data\textures\armor


This should only conflict with anything that changes the meshes or textures for Imperial Armor.

The Nexus Staff and Community
Quixel for NDO2
Shutterstock for material patterns
Niftools team for Nifskope
Bellyache for teaching me Photoshop
Regaz for teaching me how to make a mod
CaBaL120 for texturing advice and tips
Spaceinvader91 for fixing the mesh issue on the Studded Imperial Armor and for allowing free use of the fix