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This mod contains 8 flame atronach and 112 frost antronach variants for use with Leviathan1753\'s Automatic Variants.

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[size=18] Flame and Frost
Atronach Variants[/size]

This mod adds 7 new flame atronachs and 112 new frost atronachs for use with Automatic Variants. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a mod that allows multiple textures for the same creature to be used at the same time. Every time the creature spawns a texture is selected at random, adding much needed diversity to Skyrim.

Noticing a distinct lack of atronach variants, I set out to create them myself, and I am pleased to announce that I have now created variants for two of the three atronachs! There’s no turning back now, so expect Storm atronachs, though it might be a while. That being said, I encourage you to try to make your own variants, even if you've never textured before in your life. Every new skin helps make Skyrim a more diverse and interesting place to explore!
You can install using NMM, Mod Organizer, or manually install by copying the files to your Skyrim/Data folder. Don’t forget that you can disable/enable and change the probability of each variant in the AV GUI.

Special Note About Frost Atronach Variants
You may notice the file layout of this package is a little different from most variants. It’s like this to make use of AV’s ability to, when a model uses more than one texture, select each one independently from the others. In the Frost Atronach section of this package there are 3 folders: Ice Inner, Ice Surface, and Ice Shading, each containing variations on their respective textures. This allows the level of variation the frost atronachs have.

Change Log
-Frost Atronach variants introduced

-Cleaned up cracked textures to remove floating cracks.
-Added new normal maps to give the cracks the appearance of depth.

Leviathan1753 for Automatic Variants, without which none of this would have been possible.