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Mind Possession Spell - Take control of animals and people.

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Adds expert illusion spell Possession.

Spell lets you take control over animals and people for 20 seconds.Spell is effected by illusion perks; Kindred Mage, Animage, and Rage.

While in control you can control where they move but not who they attack, they will attack anyone they are pointing at. Also you will not have any control over your own body.

Spell can be bought off of Drevis Neloren (found in The College of Winterhold).

Console Commands:
Possession Spell: 02000D63
Cheat Possession Spell: 0200182A (can be used on any level for low mana cost)

Mod can also be downloaded at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=89092050

Bugs found:
After spell finishes some actors will "slide" back to where they where or on a path.
Actors can be controlled into an area with no way out (exit zones that drop off at the end).
Actors can disappear if walked too far away from player.
Graphics become really low res if walked too far away from player.

V1.1 update:
Can now ride horses after learning/using spell
Mana cost of spell dropped to 73 per use (original mana cost was way too much)