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A Serana face overhaul because some people requested it. Kept to most of her vanilla aspects--no warpaint or scars this time.

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[size=7]Updates [/size]
December 1 2012- A portion of 1.3 is released--only so far has Vanilla Hairstyle with Vampire Eyes. Serana's textures (except for vampire eyes) are permanent. If you want to replace these textures, read the article in the tab!


I'll post more images soon and update my other files. Sorry but there were personal issues I had to deal with this weekend. ALSO NOTE THAT THE EYE COMPARISON IMAGE WAS A TAKEN WITH BETA VERSION DAYS AGO. There were barely any changes though.

There are six versions altogether with different eyes and hairstyles.
The Lovely Hairstyles version requires Lovely Hairstyles. I hope that’s obvious. The vanilla hair keeps her original hair.
The eye options are vampire, demon, or normal yellow eyes. If you want to go with vampire eyes, I recommend Improved Eyes DAWNGUARD because it shrinks down the vampire irises to normal size.

[size=7] Installation[/size]
MANUALLY install by dropping whatever Serana you like into your Skyrim root folder.

Remove the .TARGA, .dds, and the .NIF files with the number 000026bc located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/DAWNGUARD.esm and

UFO will work for Serana, but sometimes not entirely. Just make sure that she is hired FIRST and dismissed LAST.

If you get CTD on a save, reload it again. Sometimes it only takes two times for the game to run my mod. If that doesn't work, reboot Skyrim again and go to the main menu. Hit the tilde key and type in to the console 'coc qasmoke'. Hit ESC and load up your savegame again.

Mods that make Serana transform into a vampire-lord maybe INCOMPATIBLE with my mod.