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Updates postponed indefinitely, some bugs need fixing so use at your own risk.

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With all the great weapon mods available on the nexus I have decided to compile them together as one package and integrate into the game the same way vanilla ones do instead of solely relying on obtaining them through a single process such as smithing, pick-up from a location, or purchasing at one particular vendor. Now you can find them appearing at wepon vendors/blacksmiths, discover them as loot, and wielded by bad guys all over the game!
Weapon spawn variety will be hugely increased, with many more chances of new weapons appearing at different levels. Many weapons would suit only certain NPC types so I have made every effort to ensure that they will use relevant weapons - for example bandits and necromancers will have more chance to weild evil looking weapons. Where this hasn't always been possible I have manually placed levelled 'dummy' weapons around the game, and given key characters certain weapons.
Another great feature of the mod is beacause many weapons have been made quite powerful yet remaining balanced, so I have had to increase some levelled item caps to cater for them to keep the balance. Now you can level up to 50+ and still be surprized by new and more powerful weapons, creating a challenge for even your demi-god characters! Some however have been made too powerful so I have altered stats so they remain at the higher end of the levelled lists but remain balanced.
All resource weapons have been given their own stats, recipes, can be tempered and enchanted. The stats have been carefully tweaked to suit the type of weapon such as speed, weight, length, damage, critical hit, and enchantments will some such as Embercoil and Control Rod.

Check out the images for an example of what you can expect to find throughout the game, they aren't ALL there I made these images to give you a general idea of what you are downloading.

I must make myself clear that none of these weapons were created by me, I am simply responsible for merging all of them into one large file and editing them in the CK to function together. The real artists should be recoginized for their work, and you can find them in the credits section. To show your appreciation download and endorse their work after you're done here, thanks!
I will attempt to make this mod as large as possible with more weapons as time goes on. Your endorsements are a great way to show your appreciation and I really value you feedback and suggestions ;)

A word of warning - some weapons may need a little longer to generate on spawning and would likely hit mid to low end machines, due to either high poly count or hi-res textures. If you do experience freezing just wait a few seconds for the engine to work.

Changelog since initial release

- 19/10/2012: Patch 1.5, made some minor edits/fixes. Got rid of Soul Calibur and DMC weapons as they have been found to be illegal rips. I will not host this kind of content.
- Added a Lore Friendly replacer esp.

- 21/08/2012: Patch 1.3, adds weapons to more levelled lists focusing more on forsworn, thalmor, town/village spawns, imperial and SOS soldiers, weapon vendors and blacksmiths. altered some weapon prices for balance, fixed static objects appearing in forsworn levelled weapon lists.

- Added a low-res All-in-One package to favour performance, compiled by sdfgsdjfasdjk so credits go to him. This file would be ideal for low-end machines
- 17/08/2012: Added a compatibilty patch that combines the Vanilla Extended Weapons and LOTR patches. It also adds more variety to weapon spawns.
- Updated the main esp file so the weapons will appear in more areas of the game.



For convenience I have packed all the meshes, textures and other important files into BSA format for easy installation and a clean folder.
Drop the ESP and BSA files into steamsteamappscommonskyrimdata. There is is also a Skyrim.ini file that MUST be placed in DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim, overwrite the original and your done!
If you already have the original mods installed and you want to use this mod too, you may need a clean save and use only this esp to avoid any conflicts.
Also if you are using the original mods, you can uninstall their mesh and texture files to clean up the directory and reduce FPS loss. The file data has been kept to it's original data paths so there will be none missing.

Credits for the original work

Disclaimer: All weapon mods listed below are either part of weapon resource mods, or permissions have been personally gained by the authors themselves.

List of authors and their uncluded mods:

- Phate3 for the Berserk Dragonslayer - , Berserk Guts Knife, Berserk Golden Age Arc Sword, Final Fantasy 7 Masamune
- 747823 for Weapons of the Third Era
- Urwy for URW Useless Resources
- Gizmodian for Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim
- Dogtown1 for the weapons from Skyrim Monster Mod
- Mingyannuzhiming for the Scythe weapon mod
- KURESE for Monster Hunter Series Weapons
- Jojjo for the Dread Knight Weapon Set, and Frostmourne
- Issae for the Nordic Spears
- howiego08 for Better Bows
- kimono for Witchers Silver Sword
- faxivcm for Warglaive of Azzinoth -The Twin Blades of Azzinoth, DaggerCraftPackage -ALL 5 DAGGERS
- PrivateEye for BiPolar Blade, Sixth House Bell Hammer, The Fork of Horripilation, Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer
- deadmccoy for the Arrows of Magicka
- AlexScorpion for the Exotic Bow, Blades of Sithis, and Dragon Ninjatos
- InsanitySorrow for Celtic Katana, Dragonbane, Ice Blade of the Monarch, Dragon Katana, Chrysamere, Empire Longswords, Goldbrand, Umbra Sword
- Wikkii for the Lilith Weapon Collection: Reaver Custom Sword and Greatsword, Disemboweler Custom Sword and Greatsword, Decapitator Custom Battleaxe and Waraxe, Cleaver Custom Swords, Razor Custom Sword
- Wicked_Jester for Negotiator Of Talos, and Scoiatael Weapons
- Wulfharth for Wulfharths Dragonbone Weapons
- Cokla for the scimitar from Mongol Armor Standalone, YesThor Swords Standalone, Elven Great Blade, Barbarian Axe, Atlantean Dragon Slayer, Double Axes Of Skyrim, Conan Swords, Dwarven Slayer
- tom349 for the Fist Weapons mods
- Rand0mNumbers for the Dragon Age Series Weapon Pack
- DigitalLion for Fantasy Weapons, Anduril Flame of the West, Anti-Dragon DragonSlayer
- 1096bimu for Kannshou and Bakuya, and Sabers Swords
- volvaga0 for Blade of Olympus, and Blades of Chaos and Athena
- Angilla for Dark Crusader Reforged Blade Set
- Yogensya for Hadhafang - Arwens Sword
- gechbal for The Sword Of The One Eyed Crow, and Orgnums Dagger (and Blades)
- thewingedloke for the Runed Nord Hero Weapons
- AmazingThew for the Gearblades mod
- ImsumDave for Black Sting
- Mr.Dave for The Atlantean swords
- siberok92 for Hess Blade, Chronicles of Riddick Ulak Blade, Chakram Weapon, Thresher Maul, Shard Blade, The Grayson Sword, Stormfang Blade, Infinity Blade Sword, Hidans Scythe, Zabuzas Executioner Blade, Phoenix Katana
- NeMoSiRuS for A tribute to the Assassins Creed 3 Axe, and Nemonic Dragon Slayer
- Sushiyant for Hot Blood, Parsian Weapon Pack, and The Vicious Heart with sfx
- mandarinn for Ringwraith Greatsword, Uruk berserker sword, and Uruk-Hai sword
- CD ProjektRED for initially allowing mod authors to use Witcher assets for their great mods
- sdfgsdjfasdjk for the LowRes pack

I would like to inform all site moderators that I have full permission to use these weapons and I have kept all correspondance with the authors in my PM inbox, or permission is readily expressed in the page. If there are any doubts please contact me.


Do not request any permissions from me to use any assets from this mod for your own projects. I do not have the grounds to allow redistribution.
If anyone wants to make a translated version, be sure to only make an esp file for your page that will require downloading this mod.
If the assets from this mod are uploaded elsewhere I will immediately inform the nexus moderators as I take the authors' discretion about redistribution very seriously.


This requires no other mods or Dawnguard to function, and will work with the DLC plus any others that will be released in the future.
Because of the way this mod works there will be conflicts with others that work the same way, however I am looking into the possibility of merging them with this OR making a compatibility patch.
When using this with the original mods to make this, you will find duplicate recipes that will give the same result but only one work on the weapon that came with that mod (theoretically).

Things to know

- If anybody decides to open the mod in the CK to see how it was constructed you will notice repeated windows referring to the esp containg IDs with master ID but no match, from my understanding and a little research it seems this is a phantom error and not read by the engine when processing this mod so it won't be recognized in-game.
- In the merging process some recipes have had their values altered which I have had to alter to balance them out, however they may not be exactly to original design so if anyone, including the authors, see this and want it changing back correctly please inform me and I will fix it.
- Another compromise to merge files meant that some enchantments were not placed on the weapons correctly, I have had to re-apply them manually but if are any are on the wrong weapons let me know
- While compiling this project I spotted a few spelling mistakes which have been corrected.
- In testing I found that I couldn't pick up loose Magic Arrows after they were fired at me, which I fixed.
- InsanitySorrow's Empire Longsword is causing me fatal errors in the CK so for now I have excluded it until I know what's happening.
- While compiling these weapons I noticed some texture paths were specific to steam default directories which may cause them not to show in-game for those not using steam, so I changed them to fit any installation folder.


As always I would like any feedback you can give on this project, whether it be bug reports or suggestions for improvements, or whatever else.
If there any other weapons that do not appear in this mod let me know and I will get in touch with the authors, or maybe you are one and would like you work in the levelled list with these.