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Version 1.0 - July 22, 2013

Version 1.0 is now active. Since Disciplus has not been on for quite sometime I am going to temporarily take the mod into my own hands. What does that mean? Well, nothing really, but I am going to make changes and fixes that will not be apart of his original mod.

There will be updates, I will make various changes and fixes every now and then.

What kind of fixes have I made?
First, I noticed that there was A LOT of lighting, so I removed the unnecessary ones. This increases performance and prevents lights from flickering. I also made the remaining ones a little wider and brighter.
Second, I remove some unnecessary clutter.
Third, I fixed the Black Glass armor issue (I believe, if Steam archived it correctly this time)

So far that's about it, there will be more in time most likely.

- There have been some issues with Leveler's Tower, and Hobbits Hole. What kind of issues? I have no idea, because I have not come across any.
- THERE IS ONE PERSON THAT WILL HAVE FRENCH DIALOGUE. I am sorry, I could not for the life of me find this guys dialogue in the Creation Kit, if I find it, it will be immediately translated. All other dialogue should be fine, if you come across any let me know.

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Domaine Alucard - English, on Steam Workshop
Domaine Alucard - French, on Steam Workshop
Domaine Alucard - French, on Skyrim Nexus

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Disciplus for the original mod
Oaristys and Tony67 for the Resource Pack for modders