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Requires: DawnGuard

Beta: This is just the first draft of the spells i have been adding to my own gameplay, it is not completely done, and there may be a few glitches here and there, There should be no conflicts with other mods, There may still be some balancing issues to be resolved.

Contains: 49 new sustained spells to the game, as well as a bonus skeleton horse summon.


Telekinetic Grab: This Alteration spell allows you to grab any living creature (Unable to grab Living Dragons) and drag them to you.

Telekinetic Push: This Alteration spell pushes any living creature (Unable to push Dragons) away from you. (This is not a Fus Ro Da copy spell, it only pushes one creature at a time, and at a greater force, able to send them flying miles away if thrown into the air with Tele grab first.)

Waterwalking: A sustained alteration spell that allows you to walk atop the waters surface.

Steam Blast: Heating the water molecules in the air, you're able to generate a strong gout of steam.

Sustained Berserker: You hit Two times and hard and Two times as fast, And take 50% less damage.

Focus: Tap into the ethereal realm to refill your magicka pool.

Focus Lesser: A lesser version of focus, refilling less magicka, but allows for single handed casting.

Focus Health: Focus on healing your own wounds, 1 health for 1 magicka

Focus Stamina: Focus on restoring your own stamina, 1 stamina for 1 magicka

Shared Pain: A sustained spell that reflects damage done to you back onto your foes.

Ethereal Vision: A sustained nighteye.

Vampiric Bats: A conjuration attack spell that summons a flock of bats to attack your foe.

Dragon Blood: Hurt your own blood at your foes to deal none elemental damage to them.

Cloaks: These spells are sustained cloak spell that envelop you in a spell that damages any creature that gets to close.

Cloak Fire: Do you really need to ask?
Cloak Frost: Do you really need to ask?
Cloak Shock: Do you really need to ask?

Cloak Poison: Cloaks you in a dark vial as is plagues your nearby foes.

Cloak Holy: Surrounds you in a Holy light that burns all undead within range, as well as healing the caster's own health slightly.

Cloak Invisibility: Cloaks you an an Aura of invisibility, making you harder to detect.

Cloak Ethereal: Enter the Ethereal realm, making you invulnerable as long as you cast this spell.

Chained Spells: Spells that chain one spell after another.

Chained Fireball: Sends fiery ball at your foes, engulfing them in a blaze.

Chained Fire Storm: Sends fiery ball at your foes, engulfing them in a blaze, foes near the blast will also take damage, A master level spell.

Chained Static Ball: Hurt a ball of pure electricity at your foes, dealing shock damage.

Chained Lighting Storm: Blast your foes with a steady steam of pure lightning, those close to the impact will also be shocked, A master level spell.

Chained Ice Spikes: Sends Spikes of ice to impale your foes.

Chained Ice Storm: Send swirling ice storms tearing twords you foes.

Chained Ice Volley: Sends 3 ice spikes hurling at your foe per second, a master level spell.

Chained: Holy Light: Using holy light, you destroy undead.

Chained Heal: Heal any living creature with a content steam of health.

Summons: Each Summon lasts for however long you sustain the spell for.

Hades: A ride-able horse summon, (Arvak Copy/Enhance) His speed is increased to 200 as well as 10000 health and Stamina. (To allow for pretty much limitless sprint, as well as being killed while you're atop of him.)

Frost Troll
Armored Troll
Armored Frost Troll
Armored Husky
Death Hound
Snow Bear
Sabre Cat
Snow Sabre Cat
Vale Sabre Cat
Gargoyle Brute
Gargoyle Sentinel
Dwarven Spider
Dwarven Sphere
Ice Wraith

Location of spells: Whiterun's Dragon's Reach, Inside of "Farengar SecretFire's" desk, not the big one, but the one right beside of it.

Installation: Just put the .EPS into your data-folder and activate it.

This is still just a beta, so the mana cost and location of the spell may be changed in future versions, I am open to comments and suggestions people may have.

Nexus exclusive, I give no right to anyone to put this mod anywhere else but here on the Nexus, Other then that, edit it, tweak it and mess around with it as mush as you'd like, as long as you give credit if using this mod in another mod or a tweaked version of it.