Enhanced Auriel's Bow by Rakasen
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Added: 13/08/2012 - 01:51AM
Updated: 01/09/2016 - 06:02AM

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Last updated at 6:02, 1 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 1:51, 13 Aug 2012

This is the most basic of mods that can possibly exist. I went into the CK, changed the numbers for Auriel's Bow, and saved and uploaded it as an esp file.

While it still works, there's really no point to use this over the other great Auriel's Bow mods out on the Nexus, unless you really just want better damage and are too lazy to figure out how to use the CK. For those who are willing to take a crack at it, I've stickied a handy dandy video in the comments section for you to watch.

Just a simple esp file that improves the stats of Auriel's Bow and its ammo, the Bloodcursed and Sunhallowed arrow.

After I finished the Dawnguard questline and received the bow, I was a bit disappointed by its measly 13 damage.


...It's an ancient god weapon created and used by Auri-El, AKA Akatosh. Why does it suck so much shit?
Therefore, I increased the weapon's base damage, increased its enchantment to last longer, and buffed its arrows each. Now should be a force to reckon with.
Happy hunting!

Base Damage: Increased from 13 to either 22 (1.1a Lore-Conscious) or 30 (1.1)
Bloodcursed and Sunhallowed arrows base damage: Increased to 20 from 16
Enchantment value: Increased from 1000 to 2000 (Enchantment lasts longer without recharges)
Weight: Decreased from 11 to 10 because I fucking like even numbers.

Screenshot is of the bow (1.1) with maxed Archery and Smithing, along with the improved damage on the 2 arrows.

Installation: Extract the esp to your Data folder....or use NMM.

Credits and Permission: Give me credit and let me know what you want to do/are doing with it.
And Bethesda for making Skyrim.