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A player home by BlackStrawberry

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Skyrim 1.7 patch seemed to have messed up the custom dialogues, so when you reach riverwood and talk to Eordin she won't have anything to say to you. To fix this save your game with my mod running, then re-load the save and it should work



Version 2.1 now out! Just a quick fix so that all the beds inside the lodge give now the "Well Rested" bonus, after you slept in them.


Hey folks, version 2.0 is finally out! With the new update I added a lot of new stuff including:
- a completely new smithing area now outside behind the house
- follower quarters
- a new storage area
- garden with plants such as potato, leek and gourd has been added. It also features a big well and low and behold - a chicken!

For more information see also the change log


With the the new update, the basement and the backyard have been changed rather heavily so I can't garantue for your items to be safe.


This mod adds a small yet refined player home between Falkreath and Riverwood, just a few
meters away from the beautiful lake Ilinalta. The mod also offers a new follower if you want to
use her. Because of its location, it is ideal for a new character but to obtain it you have to
accomplish a small quest first.
I'm aware that there are already thousands of other player homes, which uses the
Falkreath/Riverwood area as their location but after browsing the nexus page I noticed that
most of them were either large mansions filled with tons of mannequins, weaponracks, chests
and whatnot for item horders which in my opinion just ruined the generel atmosphere of the
home. Or half-finished, lackluster projects by other beginners who left them abadoned.
I created this mod to fit my personal tastes and of course to get a feel for the creation kit and
modding in general. After I finished the house I felt it was just to easy to simply but in the
worldspace and make it available from the start. So I added a small quest to obtain it and a little
background story. To round it up, I also added a custom NPC who can be used as a follower.

A new player home
A new follower for you to use
A short quest to obtain the house
On the front porch to the house is a small table with a chair to enjoy the beatiful view, there are also some planters with common flowers, which should rewspan if you harvest them.
On the right side to the house you will find a large yard with a tanning rack, wood chopping
block and a complete smighing area. I also added farming plants, a chicken and a well.
The house itself is a smallish one story hut, with a basement. The main room contains a seating
area for followers and the player, a fireplace and a some shelves.
The bedroom features of course a bed, nighttable and wardrobe and a small study with two
The basement contains all other crafting supplies such as complete enchanting and alchemy
area. Furthermore you've got also extra quarters for followers. And last but not least storage
space for your food and smithing supplies.
All the storages inside the house are safe, non-respawning containers and can be used to your
You will also find all nine shrine of the divines including a shrine of talos.
As mentioned before, this mod also introduces a new NPC, who can be used as your follower.
You can also marry her after you have visited Riften and talked to Maramal about marriage in

Name: Eordin
Gender: Female
Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Combat Style: Archer

There are two ways to install my mod. Either using Nexus Mod Manager or to install it manually.
NOTE: You don't know Nexus Mod Manager? To put it simply, it is a small program that helps you managing your installed mods. To download NMM klick here

Nexus Mod Manager: (recommended)

Download the file via clicking the "Download with Manager" button, then install the mod in the
mods tab, by selecting it and clicking the "Activate selected mod" button.


Download the file manually. Then extract the zip-archive into your skyrim folder, merge the
folders if prompted.

The following folders will be installed (if they don't already exist due to other mods)


Generally you should check if the mod has been installed correctly, even if you use NMM
because it is still in beta and can sometimes mess up.

Load Order:

Yes load order is important for mods to work properly, especially if you have many installed. I
also don't know too much about that but there is still a fact you should know:
As you maybe have noticed my mod uses Skyrim.esm, Update.esm and ApachiiHair.esm as
master files
this means you absolutley have to install Apachii's Sky Hair or your game will crash at launch.
This mod should also be loaded after these files, which shouldn't be a problem because they're master files.
If you have mods that edits the area around the house then try loading my mod afterwards, if
this doesn't work and you will get CDT's or other problems then they're not compatible.

you want to uninstall my mod simply use the Mod Manager and click the "deactivate the
selected mod" button


delete the following folders manually (bold):


then delete the following files manually (italics):

in skyrim/data/scriptsdelete ONLY


in skyrim/data/script/source delete ONLY


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that edits the same cells. You can still try it getting to work by using a different load order.

Apachii's SkyHair by Apachii (MUST HAVE) – Eordin uses a hair model from Apachii, so you have to install Apachii's Sky Hair first, or your will get CDT's when you launch the game.

Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics Vision ENB by Sharpshooter8 (Optional) - The Screenshots and the mod itself were made with this ENB Setting, so if you want to have the same lighting you should download this.

Realistic Lighting with Customisation by The Realistic Lighting Team (Optional) – If you're not a fan of ENB you can alternativley use this mod since Sharpshooters ENB is based in this lighting setting.

Better Females by BellaGail (Optional) - This mod isn't really needed but I still suggest it because it makes the ladies look sooo much better. If you are not a glamazon fan I would recommend to use the Less Make up Version 2

Covereyes by mrLenski (Optional) - Replaces the default vanialla eye textures with this way better version, you can also choose from different new eyelashes for females.

Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii (Optional) – This mod makes handling your followers a lot better, because it offers new dialogue options to configure your follower.

Since im still a beginner at modding, there may be some bugs but I tried to keep them at a
minimum. What I do know is that the navmesh surrounding the home has been changed by me but unfortunately I did it the wrong way and now it may cause some strange AI behavior and your followers don't act correctly. At the moment they won't always enter the house, but it does work you just have to try several times. If they completely refuse to follow you inside try this:

open the console with the "~" key
select your follower with the mouse by clicking on them, after this an ID should appear in the
console window
close the console and go inside the lodge
then reopen the console and type moveto player and hit Enter
Your follower should reappear just beside you

The interior however is completely navemeshed and should work fine with your followers. If you generally encounter a bug please report it to me so I can try to fix it.

NOTE: I also included a manual inside the skyrim/data/SSLdoc/ folder, that contains a FAQ and a more detailed troubleshooting section, which you can use for future references.

Credits goes to these wonderfull modders for their resources:

AmethystDeciever – Easy NPC Creation
Oaristys and Tony67– Modders Resource Pack
Eldiabs – Bookshelves, Mannequins, Weapon Racks, Plaques
Blary – FoodContainer, OpenBooks, PotionShelf and BookSets
Artisanix – Paintings and Frames

and of course Bethesda for their awesome Elder Scrolls Series