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Ancient Nord armor, available after completing the Companions questline, is no better than Iron armor. It's almost like you're wearing some moldy stuff looted out of a barrow. This is unacceptable for the heroes of Skyrim!

Heroic Armor provides the Ancient Nord look as a ''cosmetic'' alternative for higher tier armor sets. The armor must be crafted at the Skyforge, but does not require completion of the Companions questline. Recipes require the same perks, and mostly the same materials, as their standard counterparts. Includes shields, and circlets are included as an alternative to helmets.

Light Armor Sets

Heroic Leather (elven)
Heroic Scale (scaled)
Heroic Scout (glass)
Heroic Dragonscale (dragonscale)

Heavy Armor Sets

Heroic Steel (dwarven)
Heroic Plate (steel plate)
Heroic Guard (ebony)
Heroic Dragonplate (dragonplate)

Known issues:
Clipping issues, especially when crouching (inherited from Ancient Nord)
First person melee swings are awkward (inherited from Ancient Nord)

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