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Craftable Vampire Items

All The Vampire Armor Is Now Craftable At The Skyforge Under The Leather Section.
For The Lord Harkon Armor I Made An Unenchanted Version.
U Can Not Craft The Enchanted Version Because Then It Would Not Be Special Anymore.
U Will Need 1 Vampire Dust, 4 Leather Strips & 2 Leather To Make The Armors.
For The Boots And Gauntlets U Will Need 1 Leather And 1 Vampire Dust.

U Can Obtain The Enchanted Version In These Ways:

It Can Be Found On A Shelf Next To A Coffin In Castle Volkihar Ruins During The Quest Chasing Echoes.
It Can Also Be Obtained From Harkon's Remains After He Is Killed During The Quest Kindred Judgement.

No Perks Are Needed To Make Them.
For Upgrading U Nolonger Need The Arcane Blacksmith Perk Because They Dont Have Enchantments On Them.
Only For The Enchanted Harkon Armor U Will Need That Perk Now.
U Will Need 1 Leather To Upgrade The Items.

All The Vampire Clothes Are Also Craftable Now.
The Robes, Gloves, Boots & Hood Can Be Made At A Tanning Rack.
They Can Be Found Under The Misc Section.
U Will Need 1 Linen Wrap And 1 Vampire Dust To Make These Items.

I Also Made An Unenchanted Version Of Lord Harkon's Sword Called "Vampire Sword".
It Can Be Made At The Skyforge Under The Steel Section With 5 Steel Ingots And 1 Vampire Dust.
U Will Need The Steel Smithing Perk To Make It.
It Can Be Upgraded At A Grindstone With 1 Steel Ingot.

You Need The Dawnguard DLC For This Mod To Work.

How To Install: Put The File In The Skyrim Data Folder.