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Craft, Temper, Smelt: v1.04: Change Log Below

I have combined my three other mods into one esp.
Forge Equipment =
Salvage Material =
Unarmed Spiked Gauntlets =

This mod contains all the changes from those mods along with any new updates I do. Most of the changes are now in the Crafting area. What this mod will do is allow crafting of all vanilla items, allowing complete sets of Stormcloak and Imperial sets to be made. Daedric Artifacts and Unique gear can be copied once you obtain them to produce unenchanted replicas. New equipment recipes from vanilla meshes, like Stormcloak Axe, Shield, Leather hoods, and circlets for various armor types with matching materialtypes for perk bonuses. Create Unblessed Amulets and Spiked Gauntlets to do unarmed damage.

The Smelter and Tanning rack will only display items that you have to be broken down into 1 of their material types. Only recipes you can use will display, all other "greyed out" recipes will be hidden, and no more HUGE Misc list to scroll thru. You can breakdown almost any vanilla equipment, including arrows, into the items category material type, (ie Leather, Iron, Steel, etc). For Arrows I took their Vanilla value & divided that by their Ingot Type to get how many are needed to smelt back into a single Ingot. This will also effect the Dwarven "junk" recipes.

Created Spiked Gauntlets of each armor material type and cloth, and created an Unarmed Enchantment for each one. From 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 (ebony). They all use the Stormcloak Officer Gloves as a model with Fists of Steel Perk attribute on them.

ESP Description:
Craft, Temper, Smelt v1.00
Forge & Templer all Vanilla Equipment.
Create Replicas of Artifacts & Uniques.
Smelting Recipes for Equipment.
Sharpen Weapons at no Material Cost.
Hides Smelt Recipes until they can use it.
New Gear & Fixes to only crafted ones.

Change Log
v1.00: Additions since Forge Equipment v1.05: Fur "Bandit" Armor set can be crafted.
Soul gem fragments can be smelted into Empty Black Soul gems.
Salvage Deer Pelts.
New Compound Bow, based off the Imperial Bow model.
Craft, Temper, Salvage DB Replica set, with condition to acquire recipe.
Craft, Salvage Psiijic robes set.
Corrected Blade of Woe Replica Recipe requirements to include a few other conditions.
Blade of Woe Replica material type now Ebony.
Corrected Stats of Replicas to match closest counterpart based off material and item type.
Completed Armored Circlets for each material type.
Sharpening wheel requires no materials to "sharpen" improve weapon.

v1.01: Temper, Smelt Drain ghost Weapons, Battleaxe, Sword, Bow.
CTS (Craft Temper Smelt)Drain Weapon Replicas, which require Ancient Nord Weapon + Ectoplasm, Material type is Draugr and they Ignore Normal Weapon Resistance.
Ebony Blade Replica renamed to Maphaldas' Blade and weapon reach of 1.4
CTS Straight, Recurve, and Compound Bows, restored vanilla Hunting and Long bows.
CTS Kahvozein's Fang Replica, stats equal to Dragon Priest Dagger.
CTS Blades armor Replicas, stats equal to Steel Plate, restored vanilla Blades armor.
Amulet of Immunity adjusted weight to 0.2 units.

v1.02: Implementing a new idea. Instead of allowing enchantments to be pulled from Artifacts and Uniques, I'm trying an idea that one must smelt the Artifact or Unique in to a magic ingot, from which one can then use that ingot to create a new weapon with that enchantment. This will prevent learning the enchantment and being able to use it over and over on anything. For now I have tested it on Mehrunes Razor. Where it can be smelted down to Mehrunes Ingot, then at the Skyforge, using a Daedric Bow and the ingot one can craft a Mehrunes Bow with the enchantement of the dagger. I plan to do this for all Daedric artifacts first, and some key Uniques too. Look for more this week.
Temper Nightingale Blade 05 recipe fixed.

Testing: requiring related Smithing perk to Temper equipment. Applied only to Razor at the moment. But as it is now, one can improve an item even with no knowledge of how to work with that material type, but being able to double improve it once one does. I'm planing on making all Daedric Temper recipes require the Daedric smiting perk just to improve it at all. If it goes well I plan on extending that to all Temper recipes.

Craft mod v1.03:
WIP Artifacts & Uniques smelt to named ingot, craft same class gear + 0 @ Skyforge
Mehrunes Bow MagicDisallowEnchanting
CT Mehrunes Daedric Weapons Set
CT Chillrend Glass Weapons Set
Artifacts & Uniques Temper Recipes require Smithing Perk in Material Type
Temper equipment requires Material Type Perk:
Blades, Companions, Daedric, Dragon, Dwarven, Ebony, Elven, Glass, Imperal, Orcish, Dragon Masks, Scaled, Steel, Steel Plate, Daedric
Uniques & Artifacts
Ebony Mail, Clavicus Vile Masque, Yngol Barrow Helm, Kahvozein Fang, Akaviri/Blades Katana, Wuuthrad, Chillrend, Blade of Sacrifice, Volendrung, Mehrunes Razor, Ebony Blade, Dawnbreaker, MolagBal Mace, Blade of Woe, Dragon Priest Dagger, Firiniels End Bow, Keening, Nightingale, Oath Blade, Gaulder Blade, Pale Blade, Bloodthorn, Scimitar, Red Eagle Baine, Valdr Lucky Dagger, Spellbreaker,
Smelt Nightingale Blade to ingot
CT Nightingale Ebony Weapons
Blade of Woe Replica require Ebony Perk
Blades gear Replica require Steel Perk
Chillrend Replica craft if original is in inventory
Ebony Blade Replica craft if original in inventory
Spellbraker Replica craft Dwarven Perk and Ingots
Fixed Unblessed Amulets not Enchantable
Fixed other Craftable Amulets not Enchantable
Blade of Woe replica recipe fix
Unblessed Amulets recipes requires Advanced Armor & visually close material types
Rename Blades replicas to Akaviri

Temper Shield of Solitude
C.T. Dragon Mask Replicas
Salvage all Clutter into Charcoal or Ingot
Removed Steel Imperial Gauntlets recipe from Steel category
Leather Strips recipe will always show in Tanning Rack
Returned Blunt and Bow weapon recipes to require temper materials
Craft Arrows of each Metal type

As always feed back welcome.
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