Angelina Jolie Savegame and Optional Follower by Joachim Bodemer
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Added: 12/08/2012 - 06:48PM
Updated: 28/12/2013 - 05:19PM

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Last updated at 17:19, 28 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 18:48, 12 Aug 2012

Hello Nexus Members
This is my First Upload and I hope you like it. (I am German, so please excuse possible misspellings)

It is a Savegame, made for you.
Angelina is a Level 1 Nord Female and you start directly after the Character Creation.
She is based on the Female Celebrity Angelina Jolie

It was hard work, because her Face is so damn hard to import into Skyrim. The result is not a 100% perfect copy of her, but she looks quite well I think.
I disabled all my Mods except the Hairstyles from Apachii, so you should not get any troubles loading this Savegame.

UPDATE: 12.08.2012
I added Angelina as Follower. You can find her in Whiterun in "JORRVASKR"
She is a One-Handed & Shield Warrior and prefers Heavy Armor

UPDATE: 14.08.2012
I edited the Follower Version and fixed some wired Issues. I also changed her Spawnpoint to "JORRVASKR" in Whiterun.

Ingame open your console via ^ and type help angelina
Then you will see a Item code after NPC_: 32010000 for example.
Type player.placeatme xxxxxxxxx 1 and voila, she appears in front of you.
The xxx stands for the code.

There are 3 Mods you need to get her face.

Download ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_0 in "Optional Files"

Better Females by Bella
Download No makeup just improved textures

No More Blocky Faces
Download No_More_Blocky_Faces-1_50

Before you watch, this is an older Video and does not show the actual Angelina. Check Screenshots!

I Love Skyrim, and this Community is awesome. It is amazing how many brilliant Mods are out there which makes this game a big big adventure.
This is a small thing I can give for you, the community.

Please endorse this, if you like it.