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Sevaari is a very capable Dunmer archer/1H follower. As a youth, she fled an intolerable life in the Grey Quarter of Windhelm and learned to survive the wilds of Skyrim from hunters and the occasional bandit, honing her survival skills and scraping out a meager existence.

She favors the bow, but is equally capable with one-handed weapons - including dual wield. She is also skilled in Block and of course, some Sneak in order to hunt her prey.

Due to this haphazard upbringing, she has no particular armor specialty, and only enough magic skill to cast a heal here and there.

Keep her well-supplied in arrows and she will be a formidable companion!

Where Do I Find Her?
Sevaari is camped out on the ledges just beyond the north walls of Whiterun.

Other Details
She is marked Essential & can be married.
She has numerous perks for archery,1H, 2H, block, restoration and sneak.
She has a Fast Heal spell.
She has a custom class and a custom combat style to enhance her effectiveness.

See "Latest Version" link above.

Download with NMM. Activate in NMM.

Dismiss follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

No known issues.
Uses only vanilla assets.

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