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An ominous door has manifested itself near the mages college of Winterhold. Urag gro-Shub once muttered something about an old dwemer ruin created by an old arch mage that would appear in his time of need, perhaps it's worth investigating.


The key is in the Hall of Attainment in the Mages College, it isn't a hard find.


The Mysterious Room is a simple player home for the enchanting and alchemy based characters. The vanilla game as well as other peoples mods have always seemed too much or not very well done or not enough at all for me, so I made this to fix that problem.

It's not full of every single incredibly powerful object in the game, but it's not empty of them. There's at least some attempt at balance for when the player gets to and finds this location.

It's safe to leave your items here in any of the containers, as is intended.

I'll be constantly reeling out updates to this hopefully, it's finished for it's purpose, but could do with some more bits and pieces here and there and some bits taking away as an afterthought.


Planned Changes

-Weapon racks for Staves and a secondary way of displaying your collections of enchanted and magical weaponry.
-Book and Potion shelves in different locations for the player to truly be able to store everything here.
-More clutter to fill the space (to me it's okay right now, but I acknowledge it could be better).

-There's currently an issue with anyone except the dragonborn being in the area, so NPCs are currently unable to follow you into the room. Fear not though, the game is smart enough to make them sit outside until you return to the world. I am working on this.

-Nothing yet.


I'm pretty sure the README is right in how to get the music working, the ESP file will work fine, but I'm not quite sure yet of the BSA files and all that. Still new, sorry.

Music is Temple of Avo and Sanctuary theme from Fable 1 and Fable 3 respectively, copyrighted by Lionhead Studios.