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Last updated at 10:46, 8 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 10:09, 12 Aug 2012

Small mod for those people who like to garrison taken over forts and towers with soldiers

Adds command for spawning Soldiers from every hold in any place you wish. They will help player in need no matter who would atack him. Even protect player from own commrades. Spawned soldiers wont dissapair until they die or player uses command to disable them. Spawnd soldiers will use any marker or furniture near them and after battle if they sirvive they will return to this place


Press `

Type Help Soldierr (Notice that my troops have rr at the end so only they will appear on the list)

Type Player.Placeatme (Soldier ID)

Soldier will appear next to player and will be guarding place forever until he dies or player uses this command

Press `

Click on soldier you wanna Dismiss and type Disable

Riften soldierr
Falkreatch Soldierr
Whiterun Solderr
Winterhold Soldierr
Windhelm Soldierr
Morthal Soldierr
Markarth Soldierr
Solitude Soldierr
Dawnstar Soldierr
Stormcloack Soldierr
Imperial Soldierr
Mercenary Soldierr (Now they wear Orc armor and red guard headgear)
Mercenary Commanderr (Better version of Mercenary in Ebony armor and more health)
Khajit Warriorr

Gruhum / Graham (I forgot)

All troops are player ally and wont fight each other
Hold Guards will level with player until they reach lv25
Stormcloacks and Imperials level till level 32
Commander have limit to lv35 and has extra health and stamina

So Generaly this mod is for those who want to place their troops after conquering some forts or dungeons to prevent respawns of enemy there or have some felling of taking over places. Also might be usefull for big battles

My best Skyrim mod so far if youre interested