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Update 1.0: Fixed it so the bolts and soul salts only show as crafting options if you have the required salts and soul gems respectively.

Adds Fury, Fear, Paralysis, Calm, Magicka Damage, and Silvered (bonus damage to undead) exploding bolts.

Farengar sells spell tomes for all but silvered. Soul Salts are made from filled soul gems at the smelter, then the spells are used to enchant the salts. The salts are then used to craft new exploding bolts at the forge. 15 bolts and one corresponding soul salt makes 15 exploding bolts. The Silvered ones just require adding silver ore to the soul salts at the smelter.

So, to make paralyzing dwarven bolts for instance:
1. Buy Spell Tome: Enchant Salts (Paralyze) from Farengar
2. Learn the spell
3. Create soul salts from filled soul gem at smelter
4. Enchant salts using spell
5. Craft bolts at the forge. 15 Dwarven bolts and 1 soul salt (paralysis) makes 15 dwarven bolts of paralysis.

Dwarven versions of the explosions are stronger than the steel versions.

Suggestions are welcome.

Requires Dawnguard,