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The bug description can be found here:

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Note: Unofficial Dawnguard Patch contains a similar fix. There is no need to install both.

Some users have reported that shrines are not working. I was unable to reproduce the problem myself, but i've tried to clean the code as much as possible. No dirty tricks with BaseID now.

If it STILL does not work, then it might be a compability issue and you should try to disable some of your mods before praying at the shrine.

The bug description can be found here:

This is caused because the dragon version of Drain Vitality is linked to "Mark For Dead"'s words.

How to fix the bug?
1) Install the plugin. This plugin breakes the link between two shouts. However, the shout's dummy will still appear in the Shout's menu.
2) Go to any shrine of the Divines (Mara's, for example) and ask to "cure" you from this bug.

You still have to keep the plugin active waiting for the official patch. If you disable the plugin, the Drain Vitality bug can occur again.

If you have all 3 Mark For Dead words, and you have cured the bug, you can safely remove the plugin. This bug occurs only when you learn a new MFD word, so no new words -> no bug.