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About this mod

This mod is for everybody out there who shares my love of beautiful females within Bethesda's gaming masterpiece Skyrim. I recently started to post screenshots of my female characters here on the Nexus and due to the many positive reactions and comments I decided to create this mod to give everybody the opportunity to play through your Skyrim adventure with one of my characters to have something beautiful to look at which makes this game in my eyes even more enjoyable. If you like my characters please endorse :-).

About your character

I start this mod with three gorgeous young ladies but there are more to come.


Elbereth is a graceful and sophisticated young half-elven lady who came to Skyrim to find a trace of the murders of her family in Cyrodiil who were rumored to be members of an ancient Order of Vampires who dwell in the mist of the Sea of Ghosts. While she is friendly and outgoing by nature a shadow of grief here and then flashes over here face when she reminds the cruelty of that night when her family died and her face was harmed by merciless claws...


Elanor grew up as the youngest daughter of a clan huntsmen near Falkreath and therefore is an awesome marksman and knows how to use the shadows as a camouflage. One day she discovered a mysterious gate near the camp of her relatives with a skeleton head upon it. As she stood there fascinated her father found her and told her that the hidden secrets of Skyrim are nothing for a little girl and to stay at the camp with the people she belongs to. Unwilling to live the simple life of her kinsfolk for the rest of her days she ran away the same night and made her way over the dangerous streets down to the Rift where she got caught stealing by an Imperial patrol who took her to Helgen...


Amarie was cosen as a little child to be the Oracle of Dibella and therefore had to leave her family for the great Temple of Dibella in Markath. While being told that her new fate was an incredible honour she always longed for her family. As she grew up she has undergone all of the secret lections a priestress of Dibella gets to know and became more beautiful which each day passing. One day she learned from the High Priestress that her parents had been killed by raiding Forsworn who burned down the little settlement where she was born. That day she finally decided to change her fate and to get revenge for the death of her parents, knowing that her beauty is the ultimate weapon to achieve all that she desires...

Varda - new character

Background story coming soon.

Aredhel - new character

Background story coming soon.

Auriel - sexy Redhead

Mae Li - Akaviri girl

Tsun Li - Akaviri girl

Silmarien - new character

Andriel - Half Nord, half Redguard

Elwing - new character

Required Mods

Our gorgeous young ladies will need some help to achieve the climax of their beauty ( in the following load order ):

The fabulous ApachiiSkyHair mod by apachii AND her optional file with 10 new and stunning hairstyles.

The gorgeous Temptress race mod by Psychosis and Brokefoot.

The fabulous The Eyes of Beauty mod by Gabriel Mailhot.

Now our Hotties are ready to go. The mods listed above are highly stable and should work without any conflicts.

Installation :

Just copy the mod file into your Skyrim Savegame data folder, start your game and load the "Elbereth/Elanor/Amarie"-Savegame file to start right into the action.

!!!Important Information!!!

For everybody who is facing CTD issues the user Litao has discovered a possible solution :

1. Back up your Skyrim.ini file ( which is located in the same folder as your saves ).
2. Add the following to your skyrim.ini file:

uExterior Cell Buffer=72
uInterior Cell Buffer=9

Now it should work just fine :).

Coming next :

- more hot savegame characters

File history :

- 08/11/2012 initial release
- 08/12/2012 added new character Varda
- 08/13/2012 added optional files for those who cannot start my saves
- 08/14/2012 added new character Aredhel
- 08/18/2012 added 5 new characters
- 09/03/2012 added Elwing as new playable character

Recommended armour mods :

To enjoy the full scale beauty and sexiness of our gorgeous ladies you might be in search for good looking armours. Therefore I will recommend a few UNP armour mods who will work out just fine with your new character.

UNP Survivors Cuirass for Dimon99s body - sexy skimpy by Calyps - if you want to have a sexy start right at Helgen.

Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation by brokefoot - provides tons of great looking,craftable armour pieces for our girls.

Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop by Theminblack - more great looking armours.

LustDesign - Sovngarde Steel Armor v2 - CBBE_UNP_CHSBHC_ADEC by Lustrianna - great looking set for warrior characters.

Other mods :

EcthelionOtW Mavari and Contractor Ranger Armors and Blade

Seductive Lips HD

EcthelionOtW Dragonborn Bow Retexture Pack

Noldorian Ranger Armour - Standalone

Noldorian Divine Huntress Armour

Noldorian Nightshade UNPB UNP

Noldorian Royal Elven Armor

Noldorian Huntress

Noldorian Auriels Shield

Noldorian Dawnbreaker

- Realistic Female Face Skin HD

- EcthelionOtW Skyrim Wallpaper Compilation HD

- Molag Bals Temptress Gift - Evil Beauties of Skyrim

- Dibellas Lunari Gift - Beauties of Skyrim

- Beauties of Skyrim - Eilinel Temptress Vampire Start Savegame

Author's note :

These three adorable ladies are only the starting point of a series of hot savegame characters I plan to release in this file so keep on track if you like my work.

If you enjoy my mod please endorse or leave a comment to tell me about the adventures of your favourite Beauty of Skyrim and/or load up some pics of her. Criticism is also welcome since it can only improve my work. I put a lot of dedication and hours of work into the creation of my characters, so don't be too harsh ;-).

If there are talented modders out there who want to create a follower out of one of my presets let me know.