The Beast Within - Passive Werewolf Perks by elGrecoLoco
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While I love Dawnguard, especially the opportunity to specialize in a werewolf tree, I felt the tree lacked a little flavor. Although there are already mods that edit werewolf abilities, many of them go too far in the other direction toward overpowering. The Dawnguard werewolf is very capable already, but what do you get out of the Lycanthropy tree when you are more powerful in your normal form? Only disease immunity? Fiction and mythology are full of werewolves who can harness the power of their bestial blood by letting the rage bubble just below the surface, enhancing their abilities beyond human limits but without effecting a full transformation.

This mod adds passive bonuses to the Lycanthropy tree in Dawnguard as you master your beast blood. Now even when you are not transformed you will get minor bonuses to all the non-totem perks in the tree (in addition to the normal bonuses):

Bestial Strength- +8 unarmed and +2% weapon damage per rank, maxing out at +32 and +8%
Animal Vigor - +10 health and +10 stamina
Gorging - +25% out-of-combat health regeneration
Savage Feeding - +10% stamina regeneration

I removed all scripts and changes to vanilla abilities, the extra human-form abilities are all attached to a single ability that you learn from a spell tome Ancient Knowledge: Beast Within that you craft at the tanning rack under Misc. It requires one human heart and you will only see the recipe until you have one of the tomes crafted into your inventory or you learn the ability.
You can actually learn the ability this tome gives you at any time as long as you have a human heart, it will stay on you and only effect you once you gain the ability to transform into a werewolf.
Gone is the unlimited shifting and night vision from version 1.2, you can use other mods for that and this makes The Beast Within compatible with every other werewolf mod since it no longer edits Beast Form.
Please keep in mind that now if you are upgrading from a previous version, or even if you are starting fresh YOU MUST READ THE TOME TO ENABLE THE ABILITIES. This was necessary to keep from editing vanilla perks or spells to guarantee compatibility with other werewolf mods.

My goal is to be as balanced and compatible as possible. Besides the perk descriptions, only single ability was added, learnable without scripts, which also checks to make sure you are a werewolf to add the effects to your human form. If any other mod edits the lycanthropy perks but not their default references the abilities will still work (only the descriptions may be missing).

Check out my other mod, The Power of Blood at for the Vampire Lord equivalent. You can run both simultaneously with no issues!

1.31 -- Fixed perk descriptions since the scriptless abilities affect you at all times now.
1.3 -- Removed scripts and eliminated vanilla edits for maximum compatibility with all other werewolf mods, the added effects are now learned from a single tome you craft at the tanning rack with a human heart. Reverted unlimited shifting and nightvision.
1.2 -- Changed human form to separate ability that only gets added after first shift, also added the default Skyrim "NightEye" werewolf power that Bethesda left out, and changed Beast Form to a lesser power so it can be cast unlimited times like the Vampire Lord
1.1 -- Fix for regeneration perks (hopefully, please comment if there are still issues)
1.0 -- Release