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This mod changes the appearance of Skyrim\'s Housecarl followers. I will be updating this mod to include new variants or new followers on a regular basis.

Permissions and credits
$$$$$$$$ NEWS $$$$$$$$
Inhabitants of Skyrim Npc Overhaul by Rops1981
It will transform the faces of your Skyrim for the better.

Version 1.2 update ###NO MORE MOD REQUIREMENTS###
Just use your favorite face and body textures.
updated facegens to many of the housecarls.
Added stand alone eyes provided by LogRamm
Added stand alone hairs by apachii
Lydia has custom warpaint by TairenSoul
Big thanks to Diethardt for the upscaled facetints!

**** The New Custom Housecarls **** **** NOTE NEW HOUSECARLS REMOVED TILL IT IS UPDATED!*****

Faleen - Housecarl of Falkreath
Bio - Growing up in Falkreath was a living hell for Faleen. She was considered a runt, scavenger and pest by all the locals. They teased her and called her little crow. They compared her to this animal since she was a street rat scavenging for food all the time. Also it was to ridicule the hook shape nose on her face. Since she couldn't be the prettiest she was determined to grow strong. Though they still call her little crow she isn't so little anymore. She serves the village of Falkreath and the newly appointed thane. Now people only look on her with the utmost respect.

Sefonis - Housecarl of Winterhold
Bio - Sefonis came to Winterhold as a young girl. When first arriving she was awed by the city and was immediately drawn to the magical lights of the college. Though trained to be a warrior she quickly found herself spending time with the wizards and learned a spell or two. She was happy to see that the new Thane happens to be the new Archmage as well. She hopes that the Dragonborn will be able to help rebuild her city to it's former glory.

Ranya - Housecarl of Dawnstar
Bio - Always a pessimist no matter the situation. Her sarcasm and dark outlook often keep others away from her company. It was no little surprise that the Jarl assigned Ranya to the new Thane in order to get rid of her. Little do they know how useful Ranya really is. People who make enemies with her employers often have accidents involving fire.

Jahnrik - Housecarl of Morthal
Bio - Trained to be a guard since childhood. He is loyal to Morthal and it's people. Recently he has been seen studying with the local wizard. This has angered many of the villagers despite the fact that they have always liked Jahnrik. They believe the wizard and his magic means nothing but trouble to them.To quiet the townsfolk the Jarl has assigned Jahnrik to protect the newly appointed Thane.

Recommended mods but not required.
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Smooth male Body Normal Maps
Female Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Male Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Eyes Of Beauty
Gizmodian Scars
Exstensible Follower Framework
Better FaceGen

**** Instructions for neck seam/tear bug ****
1. Open console `
2. Target specific npc and you will type
3. Argis, Calder setnpcweight 100
4. Lydia, Iona and Jordis setnpcweight 30
6.enable after it is fixed.

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Credit and thanks go the following for granting permission to include their wonderful work into mine.
The Eyes Of beauty