New player estate by Dany
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I'm Slovenian so don't judge my english language, i'm player off most fabulous elder scroll games,
and i played and tryed so many player abadoes but some lack items or optimization or are to huge or to small or u cant easly find items and manquiens are bugy bicase the moders put in 1 hall 20 of them and so on...

i'm not moder but i have big plans of design new player home in skyrim with realy good ideas of puting some mods together if other players(moders) agree with it and put our work in 1 mayor mod that can destroy all minor house mods...

Imagine if you put together a mod as such is build your own home in much biger sript to make castle like in neverwinter nights 2 game(to build a whole casttle and upgrade it with help of npc in skyrim,then interior we make 1 armory in this armory we can separate manquins to smaller quanties so they dont become buggy like 1 armory in that armory doors leading to room only for 1-10 manquins with weapon racks dagger racks,shield racks for each set of armor..expl
armory-iron sets,dragon sets,-ebony sets, -custom sets,other armor mods sets from mods... so make more less buggy game and to get more fps and aso much more....