Vampiric Blood Potion Recipe for Dawnguard by Sturmritter
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Added: 10/08/2012 - 09:08PM
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I hated having to feed at the most inopportune times as a vampire, and wanted to keep blood potions in lore, without having to drain the entire population of tamriel in the process, or without having to go to the console to add blood potions to inventory, so I added a blood potion recipe that utilizes the cooking pot (as it allows for constructible objects) rather than the alchemy lab. Information about the blood potion is now included in Valerica's Journal (Part of the main quest, so you won't miss it), and a cooking spit and smelter have been added to the boneyard entrance in the Soul Cairn, so you can brew potions immediately, provided you have enough ingredients.