Vampire Lord Collision Fix by Mercurius85
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Added: 10/08/2012 - 06:52PM
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TES V: Skyrim, Dawnguard
Vampire Lord Collision Fix
Created by Mercurius85



Installation is simple. Simply drop VLCollisionFix.ESP into your Skyrim data folder and you\'re good to go. Uninstalling is done by simply removing VLCollisionFix.ESP from your data folder.
NMM is recommended for an even easier installation and uninstallation if desired.


Load order:

The location of this mod in your load order list shouldn\'t matter too much. Of course, if there are any other mods that modify the same things, they will obviously conflict..



This mod slightly reduces the size of the Vampire Lord models so they can actually fit through some of the tighter spaces in dungeons. With this mod, your character will be slightly bigger than a nord while in VL form.

Note: I haven\'t tested every single narrow space in the game, so there might be a bunch of areas still where you may get stuck.


Other useful and fancy mods that\'ll improve your experience in Skyrim as a Vampire Lord:

-Revamped Vampire Lord (Revamps the VL into a more powerful being, rather than the pathetic Vanilla form you get.)

-Better Magic (Probably the best magic mod out there for players who like adept+ difficulties. Scales pretty well with my revamp.)

-Vampire Lords can Loot and Activate (For those who want to... Loot and activate as a Vampire Lord.)

-Categorized Favorites Menu (Ask yourself; Who could live without this? Not you. Get this. Will make your favorites menu so much better.)