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Adds a bound crossbow spell.

Permissions and credits
I am not active on the nexus very often. If you want to use the meshes in this mod, those belong to DJjojo. Anything else is free to use, no permission from me required.

NOTE: requires Dawnguard.
.9 makes no major changes, just removes the custom scripts and cleans up the parts made redundant by that.
Changes in .8:
-Increased damage of bound bolts to 15, and mystic binding now summons stronger bolts (25 damage). This should balance it more with the exploding varieties.
-Casting cost has been increased to match.
-spell tome has been moved to inside the fort, on top of a barrel near the smelter and forge.
-bolts now have a blue glow

This mod simply adds a bound crossbow spell. It should work properly with all conjuration perks.

The base version of the spell conjures a crossbow slightly more powerful than an untempered steel crossbow. With the Mystic Binding perk, the summoned crossbow is slightly more powerful than the upgraded dwarven crossbow when untemepered. The spell always summons and equips 100 bound bolts as well. Bound bolts do 15 or 25 damage, depending whether the player has the Mystic Binding perk. These will always be equipped automatically.

The spell tome is near the smelter/forge in Fort Dawnguard, on top of a barrel.

Use NMM or drop the Data folder into the Skyrim directory.

The only thing that might conflict directly with another mod is the placement of the book. Another mod altering that same area may overwrite or be overwritten by that change.

The crossbow and bolt meshes are from DJjojo's Daedric Crossbow mod at



Old updates:

Changes in .75:
-Included new Daedric Crossbow mesh from DJjojo. (from version 1.3 of his mod)
-increased damage slightly to balance the fact that bound weapons can't be tempered.
-values and weights are now all 0.
-mystic crossbow's script fixed (let me know if you still get the freezing reload animation)
-mesh directory changed so as not to conflict with DJjojo's mod.

Changes in .7b: DJjojo kindly gave permission to use his Daedric Crossbow model (Thanks!). His mod isn't required for this one, but it is pretty awesome and you probably want it anyway. Be sure to check it out at