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Added: 09/08/2012 - 06:01PM
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Witcher Ultimate Replace Mod (W.U.R.M)
Version: 3.5A
Date: 09.08.2012
Category: Overhauls
Author: Witcher5688
Source: /mods/22054

This is a Nexus Exclusive Mod, don't reupload it anywhere!

I. Introduction
II. Permission Notes
III. Requirements
IV. Credits
v. Recommended
VI. Reviews
VII. Official Plug-ins,bugfixes and Addons
VIIII. Changelog

I. Introduction
This Mod will Replace some Armors, helmets, Shields and Boots. At the Moment there are new Imperial Armors, Stormcloak Armors, Whiterunguards and Haarfingarguards.

New Updates are coming, when L0RD0FWAR, TH3WICK3D1 or other Witcher Modder upload new witcher files.
If you like my work please Endorse it, than I know that you like it and I will create more files :)
And check my witcher2 modding resoure:

This mod isn't compatible with any replacement mods

II. Permission notes
you can't upload this mod on other sides, forums etc, this mod is only on TheNexusForums.
you can create translations, but you can't put the models and textures inside the packed file with the translated esp's.
You are NOT allowed to use the mesh and texture folders from my mod for your own mod.
You are NOT allowed to use the same .esp name (Witcher2-v...) for your own witcher replacement mod.

III. Requirements
Dawnguard DLC : No
Hearthfire DLC : No
Dragonborn DLC : No
Latest Skyrimpatch: yes
A legal version of Skyrim: of course!

IV. Credits
CDProjectRed for giving permission to use ther models and stuff from TW2 for other games
L0RD0FWAR for porting Witcher NPC armors
Redaxvier for porting Witcher Shields and Helmets
TH3WICK3D1 for porting Witcher NPC armors
AlphaWolf for porting Witcher NPC Armors and clothes

V. Recommended

Skyrim Witcher Experience
Version: 1.8.Alpha
Date: 12/02/2012
Category: Overhauls
Author: AlphaWolf
Source: /mods/9198

Skyrim Witcher Experience Enhanced
Date: 27/03/2013
Category: Overhauls
Author: Talyn82
Source: /mods/34007

VI. Reviews
No Reviews ATM

VII. Official Plug-ins and other things

German translation by me :D

Q: Can't loot the armors from guards?
Me: You can't drop the Armor from NPC's, but there is a chest in every town, wich has new guard outfits.

Q: can you remove w x and add y z?
Me: No I didn't take requests on this mod.

Q: can I modify the replacer myself?
Me: No. And if you do it and upload it here, it will reportet.

Q: there are some Problems with some armors, like the riften Guards. They're wearing vanilla armors.
Me: this Is Not a Bug, there are only Not Enough armor Models ATM.

Q: Mod Doesn't work for me. Npcs are naked AND i can't wear One of the armors.
Me: Start a New Game, that it will work for your Game.

Q: How can I get the red steel armor from solitude guards?
Me: you can get the armor from the Penitus Oculatus soldiers if you join the Dark Brotherhood.

Q: How can I get the Green/Orange steel armor from the markarth guards?
Me: not atm. the armor will be playable on the next 3.5 bugfix patch.

VIIII. Changelog:
1.0: Release
2.0: Adding new Replace files
3.0: Adding all files into one download file
3.5A: CTD Bug fixe when player use a Armor