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In Skyrim, many are unaware and some are aware that Armour Rating is hard capped at 567-AR. This for the longest time has made any AR over the cap, completely useless. To bring it down into numbers, your AR at 567 gives you an 80% damage reduction.

Sadly, this cap is easily obtained before you even hit level 20 (If you're in heavy armour) and easily obtained after level 20 with the light armour. Combined help with other skills (Not glitching), it's even possible to hit 1700 AR by the time you reach level cap.


Moves the armour cap up to 95%, but adjusts the requirements by just over double (Spreadsheets above give more details). This means players with higher-level game play in mind, will get a greater benefit out of AR (Those using enhanced difficulty mods too).

This mod also increases total magic resistances to 90% (Up from 85%)


At this stage, it should be noted that it's intended for the "Hidden +100-AR" to be tripled to 300 (If ever located in the CK) so that beginning players wont have a harsher time with lower armour tiers/AR-ratings. I do apologise for this, as it's taking me 2 weeks now to find it in the CK and still no luck. A temp fix may be added soon.


I have only seen one other mod like this, so unless you're using that one, there shouldn't be any issues at all. If there are any problems, let me know and I'll see about fixing them!


High Level Game Play

Improved Difficulty


Clarification: You will be taking about 6% more damage through out the use of the mod, eventually moving up to 12% (This is compared to Vanilla), until you pass 80% Damage resist, then you'll be gaining more benifit than vanilla.


Kassiel - He helped with showing me the ropes to the CK and finding the values to tweak.
Darelia - She put together the fancy picture for me :)
SebbiUltimate - Released similar mod.


- Uploaded BETA version for public to use and evaluate.