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Last updated at 8:33, 10 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 14:35, 9 Aug 2012

Vampiric Sword

Change log
- Fixed issue when Valdii's Tongue sword cannot be improved with arcane blacksmith perk.
- Initial release.

Adds new standalone, unique one-handed sword in the game. I made this weapon from scratch, was a bit inspired after Dawnguard DLC was announced. Weapon can be improved and crafted once ebony smithing perk is acquired. Serana will have this weapon in hers inventory from the start. Also there is more powerful, enchanted version of this sword called Voldiir's Tongue, you can find it in Volkihar castle, North tower.

Skyrim v1.
Dawnguard DLC

Extract Into skyrim\data dir
Activate .esp file via Launcher

Deactivate .esp file via Launcher
Delete vampiric sword.esp and vampiric sword.esm files

Conflict with mods that affects Serana's default (Elven dagger) weapon.

Weapon Stats
Base damage: 16
Weigh: 16
Critical damage chance: 12
Ignores natural weapon damage resistance
Material: ebony
Require to craft: 2 ebony ingots, 1 quicksilver ingot and 1 flawless garnet, ebony smithing perk
Require to improve: 1 quicksilver ingot, Arcane blacksmith perk (if weapon is enchanted)

Advanced info for CG geeks (like me)
Total 3D model complexity: 8753 polygons, 10694 triangles, 5804 vertices
Has blood decals - Yes
Has scabbard - Yes
Textures: Uncompressed DDS 8bit/ch, 1024x1024
Texture types: Color 24bpp, Normal/Spec mask 32bpp, Environment mask 24bpp

Future Aims
Vampiric dagger and maybe other weapon types with similar to this sword design.

Tools used
Creation Kit
3D Studio MAX

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim, Dawnguard and Creation Kit
Thanks to Nexus for being awesome