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Vampire Lord's new abilities

This mod enable you to master new skills via learneng illusionary perk tree ( since behtesda ain't enable creation of new one, or makeing Vampire Lord perk tree grow more then 11 level's thank's with info about that to PeterTran in nexus forum).

Description of skill's:

Supernatural reflexes - enable you move faster while in human form.

Bat form - always give a chance to avoid opponent attack by transforming into small bat's.

Mist form - this is especially come in handy if you playing on Hard modes, this enable you to
transform into mist and restore some of your conditions.

Fang claw - You itself become half human, half beast and eable to do some damage to your opponent with bare hands.

Vampire Lord Might - Ultimate skill of your arsenal with that you can move with same speed as Vampire Lord beast form reflexes. ( May save you a life or two in battles).

Vampire Thrall - Create illusion in mind of whicked one who dare to challenge you so
they tnik that they your servants for short time period ( You can even feed on them).

Vampire Damnation - Send the souls of the one who challenge you to their graves and beyond them so their souls been traped in Soul Cairn forever.

Vampire Sword - Call to depths of Oblivion, in answer it took a form of blood Ancient sword which represent all vampire ability to absorb life.

Vampire call to the dead - Call to the Dead world, and the souls who die in agony could answer on call by release it's anger in form of hunter.

Vampire Fire of Sinai - Only a powerfully vampire can transform fire in Fire of Sinai which deal to magic but physical attack

1 abilitiy add to this update:

Vampire soul tear - call upon your soul in abyss to reflect the suffering wich vampire soul endure then separated from the body, then obtaining immortality

Preview of skills :

Vampire tear skill :

I would like to hear your idea's on skills and you can post your screens under menu images from users.

Required for playing: Skyrim, Dawnguard.

Special + to the new release 1 hidden ability which show it's self only in game and not in description.