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Added: 09/08/2012 - 08:51AM
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Last updated at 6:53, 5 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 8:51, 9 Aug 2012

A long-running ENB modification that i've been tweaking personally for a good while, adding bits from updates and other ENB mods as I go. I try for a modified reality, not too vivid or surreal, but not plain like vanilla. Not aimed to be the best ever but it is the best for me :)

I would love for anyone to provide feedback or comments/suggestions :)

Note: I have colorful moniter settings, so this might not be as vivid to you as it is to me.
Let me know if that's the case at all

I'm super picky about my DoF so it's crisp, not too blurry yet aesthetically pleasing, SSOA disabled, Sunshafts, Lensflares are rare during the day, gotta be something super bright, but lensflares are more prominent at night.

All I ask is that no one redistributes this or anything :o

Uses version v0.113, found here.

Install: Just drop the files to your Skyrim directory, and include the file linked above. Most people are familiar with Enb by now so hopefully there shouldn't be any confusion lol

Boris Vorontosov, for creating ENBSeries in the first place

sung9933, for the Superb ENB-RL mod, (modified from a version of this originally)

HD6, for the Cinematic Lighting ENB "CLENB" mod, (I use a palette from that one)